Zombie tour due to the infinite scream of fire exposure

With the iOS does not delete the files inside the unlimited firepower approaches, the exciting game play and cool picture exposing for the first time.

Zero threshold for light operations enjoy finger pleasure

The pursuit of unlimited firepower the most simple operation, totally no threshold for white players. Battle using the virtual joystick operation, firearms, skills, all with automatic aiming and positioning functions, about players only need to use the Thumb control character movement, attack, turned a second shooter.

Crossfire experience violence cool sensation

Not all shooting games like the unlimited firepower as you create the illusion of cracked the screen! Stunning shot in the game effects, full screen skills to bring you unique hot blow, coupled with sound on, extreme sensory stimulation you visit a world of fire.

Zombies screaming and firing the city wall to escape

Players suffer from various types of zombies at all times and in the checkpoints, always jumping sprouting da Qing zombies, violent and bloody chainsaw zombies, eerie caprice Siamese zombies, even childhood nightmare-Tzu, may appear in front of you to attack you at any time, and your mission is to destroy them!

Rich in ultra modern firearms freedom God combination

The unlimited firepower as the players prepared powder classes, photo class, energy class, three broad categories of modern firearms, separately for each category has 4 effects such as guns, guns, crossbows, different types of shapes to meet the different players. And each category of weapon can have bonus damage on different kinds of monsters. Gunpowder class zombies, photoelectric-type robot zombies, energy classes correspond to alien zombies would have doubled the additional damage. Currently there are three categories, 12, dozens of weapons, enough to meet the firearms enthusiast’s pursuit of cool gun!

Super mercenaries gather the strongest partners fight for you

The mercenary system of unlimited firepower is one of the defining characteristics of the game, many heroes to choose soldiers became mercenaries fought alongside the player, against the monster, they will be indispensable in a solid partner! The strongest to form their own teams, take the heroes with adventure!

Carry your super weapons and command hero mercenaries, and TT shoot the zombie Corps from the ancient and modern wars! Want even more of the unlimited power of the related information, please pay attention to micro-wxhl2046 or scan the QR code below, public, there are exclusive to the app package waiting for you here!