Women join the “FIFA” tortuous process

Some may think that just a whim to join the Women element EA, but in fact, to expect to see in the Steel Roses “FIFA” series of players, they’ve waited too long.

As early as 2011, a man named Lexi Peters 14-year-old girl is like playing “NHL (National Hockey League)” game. But she “NHL” in custom built players angry female sex can not be set, then huff wrote a letter to EA.

This letter was “NHL” the chief producer saw, he thought the girl gave them a reminder, in fact, women are also important sports game series audience. So the “NHL” in the own players to join the gender setting, and Lexi looks set to be the default appearance female players.

“NHL” after opening the first of its kind, “FIFA” added female element seems within reach. But the fact is not so smooth.

Because football, unlike ice hockey, women forced to join the players in which players do not own or woman does not conform to the reality of science, and the history of the NHL does have female players to join the ranks of men precedent.

But with the 2012-London Olympics women’s football project has been a lot of attention of American audiences, an American woman player even in the famous petition website Change.org launched a petition requesting to join Women’s National Team in the “FIFA” in. This time, EA has finally respond. “FIFA” series executive producer said, EA want to do this one content, rather than the “NHL” but added that female players in the men’s team and the league.

Etc. This is three years, culminating in 2015, EA’s desire to achieve the fans, the Steel Roses really would follow “FIFA16” landing PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX360 and XBOXONE internet.

Why “FIFA” after a lapse of so many years before they join the women’s football team?

Producers said “This is because there are too many different things, such as (men and women) on the presence of different size, and this will affect the collision system which will involve things too, including new models and hairstyles. ʱ??

This time, EA devoted to women’s football team were individually modeled and invite Morgan et 4 American female players for motion capture, and make independent facial expression. Star players have the exclusive action, but also realize women’s exclusive celebrations.

All these efforts are to make a more vivid image of women’s football players, but also to achieve a “to do” and “to do” commitment EA said, and not simply make women’s football to become soccer players have chest hair Version.

According to trial over “FIFA16” the players said, no soccer as against the comparison between women’s football is very intense, fast, and action is also very flexible, all kinds of fakes also are able to easily do it. Only feel a little awkward, after the goals could have a “bent stick glide” action, the picture can not look so beautiful. In addition, women’s football players and soccer scoring system is a separate part. A player can only explain 85 points in her position of strength in the women’s circle, it does not necessarily mean its comprehensive strength can be more than 84 minutes or 83 minutes of soccer players.

As for domestic players look forward to the Chinese women’s football, being only team to join, and no true face. Chinese players in the future may also be concerned about the Chinese women’s football by supporting and helping women’s football girl really enter “FIFA”.

history class
From early 1993 on behalf of the beginning until now, “FIFA” series of games has become one of the world’s most popular football game, the evolution of its series cover also varies with the changing times, to be familiar with this series of fans and players, see the star has appeared on the cover of these, presumably will not have some emotion.