WIN10 “FreeCell” required to pay a monthly fee to advertising

Want at the free Windows 10 system to play ad-free “FreeCell” and you need to pay a monthly fee.

America’s most popular online video platform Netflix charges $ 7.99 per month, providing thousands of films and TV series. In addition Spotify, Slacker and other music platform also paid about $ 10, to provide an infinite number of online music. Microsoft? They price of $ 1.50 per month for the Windows 10 in the “FreeCell” In addition to providing advertising services.

FreeCell actually reduced to this …… FreeCell actually reduced to this ……
In Windows10 system it is not suited to all kinds of strange setting, we find a strange product: “Microsoft FreeCell Collection Deluxe Edition.” Just run “FreeCell Collection” in the Win10 system app, you’ll see an ornate picture, asking if you upgrade to a deluxe edition.

In fact, the same thing, Microsoft Windows 8.1, when once done, they put “FreeCell Deluxe Edition” on the Microsoft store. Now Win 10, FreeCell status apparently improved, the system comes with the game. But if you are willing to spend $ 1.99 (per month), your “FreeCell” can no advertising, and after the completion of the daily challenges will get more (no use) game gold, but also in the air when the two versions Solitaire access to “gain.”

Microsoft still conscience, and not in the FreeCell actual play area set up annoying ad banners, but each read “Challenge” option when the game will play a full screen video. However, according to the actual experience, advertising is not much of a problem. Perhaps there are people who are willing to spend money to advertising it.

The real concern is: honest, to buy additional diamonds in a farm or buy gold machine gun in a line of fire, which could then with the operators. But Microsoft as the world’s first software vendors, they have the ability to make Windows 10, and dare to make it free, but in the end you have to spend money to advertising. If this is the future direction of Windows, go make me a lifetime XP.