When Van Gaal plays Van Persie leave the little pea notice to join Manchester United training

Wrought iron hard disk running the soldiers, professional football has to go, Robin van Persie’s departure that Manchester United fans marvel, and according to the daily mail, van Gaal is advised fellow Dutchman the news in the late season team golf event.
The Post quoted van Gaal in the local time Wednesday’s news conference speech, the Dutch coach said himself at the end of the season was with van Persie spoke, so van Persie knows what’s going to happen in the future.
“On that day, he learned the news from me, and we explored his future at Manchester United.” Van Gaal said. Let Van Persie leave the decision seemed heartless, but Van Gaal believes that to do so. “Every sign of the players and the decision to leave is very difficult.”
Van Gaal chose Farenair Pace as the next stop of his career, and Van Persie thought he made a very sensible decision. “When I was a Dutch coach, I often pay attention to Fenerbahce game, because Kuyt is playing there, van Gaal said,” I think Robin will love it there, he joined a big warm family. I have sent a text message to him to wish him well.”
After the transfer Fenerbahce, although his relationship with van Gaal is not mentioned in the interview, but Robin van Persie, a special thanks to the contribution made by Manchester United’s chief executive, Woodward: “I highly appreciate ed Woodward in the transfer market as. He is an elegant man, a real gentleman. Ed, if you are watching or listening, thank you.”

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Van Persie made originally in the left edge of the Mexican striker Javier Hernandez and ushered in a turning point, according to the daily express, van Gaal has let the little pea joined the team for overseas training.
When it comes to the rental of Hernandez last summer, Van Gaal said that at that moment, we must decide which striker to stay at Manchester United.
“(at the time) we have four strikers, we have Welbeck, Van Persie, Hernandez, and we have Wilson. Then I decided to let Hernandez and Welbeck leave, because we introduced Falco.” Van Gaal said, “when you use two strikers or single striker formation, you must decide, so I let Hernandez left.”
But in Van Persie departure, Falcao surrender of tenancy, Manchester United have bloated striker has become stretched, the return of small Peas is obviously very important. “Now, he’s back.” Van Gaal said.
The 27 year old Mexican striker season at Real Madrid spent a not happy time on loan, small Peas for Real Madrid played a total of 33 times only scored nine goals, which includes the Champions League quarter final elimination of city rivals Atletico Madrid’s key goals.