What the hell is the first? Foreign media comment in the history of the best FPS games TOP25

Early in the video game, and this game is no FPS type, has been behind the development of computer technology, it has finally emerged of the first pseudo-3D FPS game – “Wolfenstein 3D”, together with the subsequent “destruction Warrior “to flourish, finally began a new journey FPS games.

Cat car today to give us the history of the foreign media GamesRadar named the best top 25 FPS games, evidently the author was a nostalgic players, there have been many classic old game, but the first is …… you agree this list is it? Welcome messages tell us!

25. “GoldenEye 007”

If you selected the most fun of the host platform FPS game “GoldenEye 007” N64 on will no doubt among them, and even won the first place is not surprising. Prior to it, “FPS” and the “host” seems completely two unrelated words, how can not play PC FPS? Results “GoldenEye 007” to easily brought revolution.

While also brought four split screen play, almost seconds off numerous players countless nights. The kind of “playing a game” feeling to pass.