Westward tour started two new amazing exposure

Legend lingyange Palace taken over by demons, and Emperor Taizong when five God beasts Monster deal in it. But suppression cannot completely remove the evil demon, players need to go into the underground Palace, harnessing the power of five animal monsters revealed, and get rid of them.

Opening hours: all day

Venue: Imperial Palace map, palace guards (97,10 Palace)

Difficult choices: 0 1 difficulty to choose from, each subsequent rebirth 1 plus a difficulty. Maximum of ordinary, difficult, elite, purgatory 4 difficulty levels to choose from.

Conditions of participation: players need to team up or easy teams (team number shall not be less than three), and meet the players level greater than or equal to 0 to 60.

Task: Palace challenge qualifying 2 times per day, number of different difficulty sharing, each player on the team before the challenge, need to confirm the number of challenges remaining.

Game description:

Players enter dungeons to challenge copies, be lit one by one after the five statues, the scene will be refreshed at the underground Palace in Ming mine, challenge and number less 1 the day after the start. Lit every statue, will affect the other statues of the shading, players need to find some rule, all five statues will be lit.

Figure II screenshots
Hit all monsters kill each other in the challenges, team challenge victory, full in-situ full resurrection and win lucrative fight rewards. Team if the Player encounters full kill or fight round numbers more than 40 rounds, then the fight failed, task tracking unchanged, still find their way to OGRE coordinates. Players fight to the death on the rewards had no effect, but will affect the player’s combat experience.

Game Awards:

Outside the Palace challenges in addition to a chance to direct access to God, by challenging points earned can be redeemed for a sacred animal, close to Dan, long beads, gems such as props, cloud nine.

Luck of heaven Monkey King

Figure III screenshots
Opening hours: every Monday 19:00~22:00

Location: Chang an and Tang territory, Datang border (each scene at random coordinates brush out 10 at a time monkey)

Conditions of participation: players need to reach more than 30, and silver not less than 10000, and the task is not to team up.

Task: the highest per person per day for 50 day monkey missions.

Figure IV screenshots
Game description:

Tasks in heaven monkey monkey attacks, blood volume is 1, and will only use normal attack, hitting a player or players carry a summon, you steal a player a certain amount of silver. Comes into the fight will cancel the auto fight for players in the first leg, after players hit the monkey, the battle, the player would receive an award silver, items randomly in a kind of reward.

Silver rewards will follow the monkey steal silver quantities calculated *2 for the last time, monkeys, each round has a chance to escape, if tasks a monkey being players beat players or had fled without stealing silver, 10000 players versus the fixed bonus. 50 round monkey running away or being killed, fighting the same end by monkey steal a numerical calculation of the final award.

The westward journey of two official appointments are hot in the activation code, players available at the official website booking activation code directly, or hand in westward official Twitter app, tieba forums, and CC platforms such as broadcast channels, interactive activities, win the game activation code! In addition to the first burst of the “underground Palace challenge”, “Heaven monkey” journey to the classic gameplay, a game development team have what surprise also for the vast number of big players? On August 14, two “love for life” grand opening of the server, let us witness together!