Western magical royal lineage “Neverwinter OL” Secret World

D & D 3D orthodox Western magical online game “Neverwinter online” has a royal pedigree as magical masterpiece, the world is worth exploring, thinking, the recollection of the elements can be described as row upon row, one after another. In this magical world which has a grand story of how, in this for everyone to decrypt one by one!

In the “no winter online” in the world among all the origin of this adventure. Distance robbery Arcane whole century has passed, a sudden burst of magic disaster forever changed Faerûn around Phelan spared. Powerful kingdom have fallen, important city in ruins, only a handful of survivors who fled the disaster-ridden land of monsters intend to rebuild the city. In the “Neverwinter online”, you will be one of the many adventurers, and we together explore the secrets of this continent.

With the North, the pearl of the city of Neverwinter seems to be a blessing of the gods, although most of the Sword Coast region have suffered tremendous damage in the magic disaster, but Neverwinter city was well preserved. However, all this is only temporary, it seems all the better its ultimate demise inevitable. Magic disaster occurred in 75 years after a volcanic eruption so that the entire city was flooded by lava flame, after all, everything disappeared in history.

Today, the city of Neverwinter restored to its former glory, the survivors finally reconstruct and restore its glory, humans, dwarves and elves together to build a new “Neverwinter City.” However, Neverwinter, as it were swaying in the winter in the last candle, bringing survivors dawn, but also coveted by the darkness of hate and evil forces still in the dark places of conspiracy, attempt to undermine this renewed I hope ……

Terror and evil forces are always eager to government, enslavement, looting, destruction, their desire to attempt to dominate all the world. However, in addition to these hated creatures of darkness and despair, in this world there is a formidable and feared presence! – Long Nobody knows this ancient and powerful creatures lie, but their presence but enough to threaten everything!

The co-existence of dark and light in the world, ready to eat drink the blood of adventurers want to survive in this world, this world does not want to winter, it is necessary and companions unity, put the past aside, the darkness and evil formal declaration of war !

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“Neverwinter online” is a perfect world holding studio Cryptic Studios developed 3D orthodox Western magical online D & D, “Neverwinter online” on January 22 on “the guardian of the test.” Authorization is the world’s entertainment industry giant treasure Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons publishing company producer, Europe myth grade classic single game “Neverwinter Nights,” the latest sequel. As a representative of the Western magical newborn pure masterpiece, “Neverwinter online” Dungeons & Dragons setting has pure, non-locking TPS freedom and a copy of a multi-element fighting dungeons. What are you waiting for? Join together looking happy in a world!