Welbeck life can not wait to return and recuperate very difficult

Arsenal striker Welbeck says he can not wait to return to the game. England striker joined Arsenal last season, performed very well in the game against Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter-finals, scoring the winning goal to help the team beat the Red Devils. But since then due to injury, he missed the remainder of the season. September, 2011 England international underwent knee surgery, after which he has been working hard to come back, and finally away from his comeback is getting closer.

Welbeck accepted Arsenal’s official website in an interview, he said: ‘This process is slow and steady, but it
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cheap fifa coins to live the same day after day. day, really suffering. But when I was able to step on the court began to run for the team, I will be more happy. This is for me, this is a difficult time, but I expect to be able to a strong return. ” I want to go back on the court, to continue to improve and maintain the training, allowing the body to stay healthy, which is the main thing. I want is to return to football. ” I’m trying to exercise their muscles, which somewhat difficult But this is my hands can grasp things. I’m really looking forward to his return.

I’m impressed with them. When I was healthy, every day I train with them, I certainly appreciate their own play ball the way.But when you watch them play in the distance, you will understand how difficult game, those wonderful pass, a broad vision, a beautiful goal, exciting game, it’s all so impressive. ‘(heater)