We hope to stay inside the gates team

Hassan – Whiteside said he did not see the Miami Heat this summer, showing his willingness to retain, but he likes the heat, hoping to leave the team.

Earlier this year, whether to Whiteside out generous contract offer, the Heat still waiting to see. But now Whiteside outstanding performance, the Heat intends to retain him.

But the Heat will offer how much is still unknown, according to NBA regulations in addition, due to the heat and Whiteside signed 2-year contract, so before the summer free agent market opened, the two sides can not be opened contract talks.

Not only his teammates love growing, according to Whiteside said, even – Pat Riley recently came to see him, “he told me, I let him show how much pride, and he wanted me to continue to work hard,” and Heat legend Alonzo – Mourning also he respected me.

During the All-Star Game this year, a senior team had expected this summer, the team will be out to Whiteside starting salary between 17 million to $ 18 million contract. While taking into account the sharp rise after the All-Star break his outstanding performance, as well as the salary cap this summer, Whiteside and may even gain a starting salary of about 22 million fat.

Whiteside said that so far he has not seen showing the Heat want to retain his wishes. “They have not said (free agency thing),” he said. “They want to see if we can go far this season playoffs can explain a lot of problems. I hope (the team is interested). I like this team, Riley did a good job, he often can bring some players to help us win for the team. you do not have to trouble to persuade other players to play in Miami, you will be able to recruit good players. ”

Whiteside expressed to him “overwhelming victory”, but he believes the Heat can achieve this goal. “I am now on the free agent market is still poorly understood,” he said, “but I’m going to know.”

A friend also revealed that Riley responded Whiteside said he really liked the Heat, but expect him to take a pay cut to stay with the team and is unrealistic. Warriors center Andrew – Andrew Bogut Speaking Whiteside said: “It’s funny, is not it everyone will predict the team to give him a big contract can cap a big man, but in today’s very valuable, and?. he has a very strange basketball player in terms of physical condition, and he walked all the way is not easy, you have to respect that. ”

Of course, if the Heat intends to pursue Kevin – Durant, then they are no money to the Whiteside. And before the end of the playoffs, Riley can not determine how much of the array of players are worth retaining.

According to ESPN it is expected this summer will be $ 92 million salary cap. Considering the Heat next season, but also to about in the body – Chris Bosh, the Golan – Dragic, Josh – Mike Roberts, Justis – Winslow Josh – Richardson and other payment salary, and spent chasing free agent required, the Heat may be only 40 million of cap space. Meanwhile, the Heat have to decide whether to continue Yuedeweien – Wade, lol – Deng and Joe – Johnson and the like. ManDaManSuan, give Whiteside out of the starting salary is about 20 million.NBA 2k16 coins at nbamtcoin.com