‘We are going to re-sign Mike Conley’

Mike Conley has spent all nine years of his NBA career with the Memphis Grizzlies, and he is headed for unrestricted totally free agency this summer season. The Grizzlies obviously want him back, but he will surely have various suitors offering large contracts. Some of them could provide him a much better chance to win a title, too. Memphis basic manager Chris Wallace appared on “The Chris Vernon Show” on 92.9 FM ESPN on Wednesday, and to say he sounded optimistic on this subject would be an understatement:”We are undefeated in re-signing our core players, and we’ll stay so. We’re going to re-sign Mike Conley” – Chris Wallace
April 20, 2016Back in January, Wallace made the same exact point to CBS Sports’ Matt Moore: “If you look back at the five years since the tide has turned for this franchise, we have re-signed every core player for the Memphis Grizzlies.” Then, after February’s trade deadline, Grizzlies vice president Ed Stefanski told Sirius XM NBA Radio, “I believe Mike will be back in a Grizzly uniform.” The front office has clearly thought highly of its chances for some time, but Wallace’s statement is as direct as possible. It even makes you wonder whether Conley might have already indicated he plans to return.If you’re a Memphis fan, this is the best possible thing to hear after watching your team lose its first two playoff games by a combined total of 58 points. This season has been tumultuous, but the franchise’s future is still relatively bright as long as Conley and center Marc Gasol are under contract. They have been pillars for this team for years, and they’re still in their primes.Gasol signed a five-year maximum contract last summer season. It seems safe to say it would be a surprise if Conley didn’t do the same. Mike Conley is expected to keep rocking with all the Grizzlies.