Warriors sign a solvable Meiji

Anderson – Anderson Varejao has reached an agreement with the Golden State Warriors, he will sign a minimum contract with the Warriors until the end of the season. So, Varejao Warriors What is the point? Why so eager warriors to fight Varejao it?(more NBA 2k16 MT coins)

Varejao after all, is to join the Warriors, this is not a simple matter. Indeed, the Warriors are now the height of the limelight league team, but notes, Varejao is now the hottest free agent, he chose the more experienced warriors, not the San Antonio Spurs, showing his warriors chased passion blazing.

Why such an enthusiastic warrior? The reason is not complicated – they need to Bradley Richmond – Green to find a qualified substitute. Warriors current lineup is relatively clear: Livingston for Curry, Rush for Thompson, Yize Li for Andrew Bogut, Andre Iguodala for Barnes; of course, and perhaps some intermediate cross. But Green, does not have a qualified replacement. Warriors general can only be used Speights simply replaced, but the style and Green Speights completely different defensive ability varies greatly, can not replace Green.

This leads to Green’s playing time averaged 34.1 minutes, the Warriors array up. What is the idea? Modern basketball context, in order to ensure the health of the players and the continued combat capability, post players playing time is less and less, especially when the team has a strong fighting force, will deliberately reduce long-term reliance on post players .

For example – Tim Duncan, from the 2003-04 season, he averaged playing time will have no more than 34.8 minutes, while Duncan was still only 27 years old; Mark – Gasol, since the rookie stage, playing time will not exceed 35 minutes, the last three seasons is not more than 34.5 minutes; Al – Horford, the last three seasons playing time is not more than 33 minutes. Even those more famous “one-armed dyke” inside, too – Dirk – Dirk Nowitzki before the 2009-10 season, long playing time, averaging up to 38 minutes, but to win in the 2010-11 season Nowitzki is averaging only 34.3 minutes of playing time; Kevin – Kevin Garnett, Timberwolves perennial playing time over 38 minutes, but after joining the Celtics, playing time plummeted to 32.8 minutes, and successfully won.

Today, Warriors record is very good, but Green’s playing time, or a little more. This reflects the reliance on the Green Warriors, but also exposed their problems. While Varejao can solve this problem to some extent.

Green Warriors demand for nothing more than three: coordinate ability, defensive ability, and to some extent outside containment capability. From the coordinate point of view, it is the core of the organization Green Warriors has averaged 7.3 assists ho Habitat team list. Can do it, Green’s assist rate up to 29.4% have adequate description of the problem. And although there is no Green Varejao so strong organizational skills, but he also assists once the rate increased to 15.4% in the 2012-13 season – roughly equivalent – Tim Duncan levels. This achievement is certainly not enough as the core of the organization, but as a former field axis lineup, it has been more than sufficient.get more