Vitesse within the clear more than Chelsea ties


No irregularities have already been identified in the relationship among Vitesse and Chelsea.

The Dutch football association (KNVB) has ruled there isn’t any evidence Chelsea have manage over the policies of Vitesse.

Vitesse and Chelsea have enjoyed a close connection ever due to the fact Merab Jordania – a friend of Roman Abramovich – took over the Eredivisie side in 2010 and numerous reports have considering that claimed that the Chelsea owner is using his influence at the GelreDome.

Jordania sold the club to Alexander Chigirinsky, yet another close friend of Abramovich, in October (click here to afifacoin) 2013 to additional fuel speculation that Chelsea are calling the shots in Arnhem, but the KNVB (vist Fifa coins) has now ruled there is absolutely no proof the reigning Premier League champions have any say in Vitesse’s dealings.

“Vitesse have accurately informed the KNVB more than its existing ownership and legal structure. This really is the key conclusion (click here to afifacoin) from the independent investigation in to the club’s current predicament,” read a statement from the KNVB.

“Vitesse’s legal structure is in compliance with all the existing regulations.

“The KNVB and also other authorities looked into the transfer on the Vitesse shares in 2010 and no irregularities had been located in the course of mentioned investigation. Ongoing reports inside the media in 2014 prompted the KNVB to open talks with Vitesse once more over their organisational structure within the interest of Dutch football’s integrity.

“Vitesse fully cooperated and offered all of the vital documentation, also as providing insight into the club’s financial transactions among 2010 and 2014.

“The connection among Vitesse and Chelsea was a part of the investigation. The conclusion reached by the KNVB is that there is no evidence Chelsea have control inside the policies of Vitesse.

“There is no written agreement among both clubs, but they do cooperate in certain places, like loaning players. The loan agreements are in accordance with regulations and are related to loan agreements involving other clubs.”

Vitesse have signed a host of players on loan from Chelsea in recent years, with promising youngsters Dominic Solanke, Lewis Baker, Izzy Brown, Nathan and Danilo Pantic all currently plying their trade in the Eredivisie side.