Van Gaal responded smiling fans demanding video uploaded on a burst of red

Van Gaal coached Manchester United fans during Though suffering criticism and criticism, but as time goes by, Manchester United has changed gradually, but also to a lot of the fans slowly come to accept him. In fact, the Red Devils fans, he is still very popular! After beating West Brom 2-0 on Saturday, when Van Gaal to leave Old Trafford very happy, smiling.

He thanked the fans for their support and
FIFA 16 Crédits cheer off, also responded. On the sidelines of a United fan from Ireland Doyle, she represents a Ming Jiaolai Ish Ireland team to Port Louis van Gaal made a request, saying: Can you say comeonthetown it’ 64-year-old Van Gundy with Ireland Accents
ut coin traders appreciate her support and said ‘comeonthetown!’ Doyle after Ireland accepted the media interview, said:I felt he was very warm, very amiable, he and everyone he came to talk to me say hello, I also asked He … he obviously did not understand what this means, but I know he’ll do it!

Van Gaal has 90,000 times the video views, and pushed to the Port Laoise team official Facebook page First, immediately there will be a super high click-through rate. Video capture: Van Gaal said those words, and expose a warm smile 🙁 black director)