Van Gaal about the fate of Di Maria like mad 1 warning: should new aid competition

In addition to a series of contract, Manchester United squad players fate has become a transfer to another focus on the market. British media reported today that the last season to break the Premier League history of the transfer status of Di Maria can stay in Manchester United is still an unknown.
According to the “Daily Mail” broke the news, last week, Louis van Gaal had and Mary had a conversation, in the middle of a conversation van Gaal expressed willingness to Argentine midfielder at Old Trafford, and that Mary will eventually adapt to the style of the Premier League. But at a news conference in Seattle training camp, Van Gaal is not very confident about the team Di Maria.
“We have to wait and see,” Van Gaal said when asked about the issue. “Just like I said many times before, for Di Maria and Manchester United, there is no clear result. But he is still a United player, and will be back in July 25th.” The Daily Mail said that Mary the wife of Cardoso to desire to leave England northwest is an important driving force for transfer to Mary.
On the other hand, in the local time on Wednesday for the new players at the meeting of the media, Van Gaal also remind these high new players to do a good job in the competition. “Every player who is sitting here can make a contribution to the team, but they know they must fight for their place.” Louis van Gaal at the press conference, said: “you know, in a top team, there is no any position is secure, Schneiderlin need in midfield with Michael Carrick and Bastian Schweinsteiger and blinder competition, and Damian needs with Valencia competition right back position.
As for new players to adaptation, van Gaal said Schneiderlin over the past few seasons in Southampton experience to enable him to overcome the difficulties, but Bastian Schweinsteiger and Damian also need to prove himself. “It’s not the same as the league. I have taught in different countries so I know it.”.” Van Gaal said, “but I believe that Damian and Schweinsteiger are well integrated into the Premier League”.
In the conference, Van Gaal also praised the contribution of Woodward in these transfers: “I know all of these players are very difficult, I am very happy to do it.”. With these signings we will than last season perform better, it will not be easy for Manchester United, now the players always to than you think more salary, but they eventually at the correct time here. ”

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Dutch coach also pleased the signings for the team brought the balance he wants, van Gaal said these new signings will join the Reds can play the game in his philosophy.
Though Damian due to the English level of restrictions in the conference and did not speak, van Gaal is still strongly praised the the Italian right back: “I always wanted a in the first time, the defensive right back, when you became a right brake, you must learn to defend and guard your teammates and together to defend. In Damian I saw this excellent quality, when the ball on the other side of the development, he can work in the area of space with the middle teammates.”
“He’s quick, and he can find a hole in the defense, and he can effectively plug in assists, United need to have the ability to assist the side guard.” Van Gaal added.
Then came to the team in the new aid, nature is a Manchester United player. According to the “sun” reported that Manchester United captain Rooney recently on a series of operations this summer, a thumbs up.
“This is an exciting time.” Rooney said: “Bastian Schweinsteiger has won the football field on everything, he was able to leave Bayern Munich as a club to join Manchester United this is really great, Schneiderlin arrival, I am very happy to see that they bring to the team to improve.”
21 year old Dutch star preS in an interview also expressed to join Manchester United excitement: “I and many of the top clubs to carry out the negotiations, Bayern is one of them, but van Gaal thoroughly convinced me.”