Upcoming Chinese tour industry development path of “five undercurrent”

“APRG years” of the channel by the end of 2013 comes word in real terms until 2014, Q4 was typically heavy MMO proof of product trend right. In 2015, along with the fantasy westward journey, the legend of Mir, universal miracle firm paid high really real.

Small company winter this prediction, first proposed by the industry’s time is the end of 2013, but it is really let industry until 2015 feel impending cold, hot money in the inertia of the past two years, obviously not as quickly as everyone thinks.

Wave IP product, starting in 2013 the adaptation of IP awareness, basic products by 2015 with “first” evolution is for 2 years.

So in the near future, industry will influence what hand travel market event will happen? Gamelook view, has the following five undercurrent is gathering strength.

1: Korea IP hand waiting to counterattack: 2016-China showdown
China gaming market has been in a delicate cycle, Korea products have played an important role at various stages in history, such as end-tour era of success, Korea became the first wave of online gaming products operating in the Chinese market. Tour times, legends and miracles of generic products were the main transport market. Then look at the domestic travel market, tour times Korea really be absent from it?

Recently, miracle through China developers adapted zhihou, this Korea end tour IP in China play has to imagine of energy, while everyone also found, Korea end tour IP of a big advantage is globalization influence, in end tour times, Korea game on has more area operation of traditional, led to this pen history legacy heritage in hand tour times of potential than imagine big of more, like, in Taiwan, and Korea market universal miracle are made has very better of results.

With Korea-side tour developer gradually transferred pitcher tour camp, in areas of severe hand behind Korea will also hand delivered this heritage in the tour market of great value. Gamelook can see of 2016 released of Korea produced focus hand tour on including: Heaven eternal of Tower lodge DNF hand tour, sword spirit except this year released card player tour, and future also will development MMO heavy degrees hand tour, while like Grand its Korea company Actoz is development hand tour Dragon of Valley, and hands also holds thousand years copyright.

As the end of 2014 begin, domestic terminal travel IP adapted hand began sweeping the industry, Korea product in 2016 will also usher in a rare outlet.

2: hand of esports wave
If the hand of severe, MMO is the obvious trend, coupled with a competing in this trend is not surprising.

From PC online game pattern, MOBA games representative of the number of active users has exceeded the MMO for PC online gaming products. Current MMO games can say that MOBA first entered the travel market, historical accumulation of user backflow effect to a strong market response, and created such as fantasy westward journey, the hand God tier MMO works. What about MOBA? Brawl of the legend journey to the West, the hearthstone is the surprise for all competing hand high? Non-.

Where is the competitive potential of the hand? If LOL, CF is a competitive game in the PC era of high current hand PC game of the same type “user rolled” law, then at least 3-5 times LOL, the hand of the CF user groups into the hand sport, a large wave of users, there is no real benchmark of sports tour started may continue to admit.

Gamelook, MOBA games user base of high or not until the MOBA products available in the market just before the crash. MOBA user group is to raise, need a complete competitive ecosystem to truly Evergreen does not fall, but simply supporting industry chains now have not yet rival tour competition and prepare for the coming era, how to find a balance between commercial and competitive, spectator points are very important, active in the travel market the company is active in exploration. Who will have the opportunity to become competitive hand in dominating the market in the future, this is a very exciting issue.

3: depth of penetration of capital the second element: the future will be counterproductive to hand the market
From last year to this year, the domestic cartoon industry began a really hot, the influx of capital to make the money cannot be used to make industry full of adventure.

Like recently a, station get excellent cool led voted 50 million dollars investment, yesterday occurred of Austrian fly anime cost 900 million acquisition has secret, more early is has b station in II times Yuan hand tour issued field lay unique of overlord status, line Xia domestic maximum comic magazine companion diffuse guest mother company intent impact shares, potential of big platform are are tries to found II times Yuan field belongs to himself of tickets.

Starting from 2014 to 2015, venture capital, game companies to support the anime movies have been released, let the animation industry’s cash means from the early years of food subsidies and sell publishing rights, expanded to a theater box office, games adapted, IP licensing derivatives in a variety of ways, “money scene” also clear many and broad a lot. Qin’s moon of the early success of the industry find an executable model, and diffuse the real rise no less, below the line around the comic-con CJ’s hot, is to let China’s games company, venture capital for excite.

And according to gamelook of understand, capital investment II times Yuan market of heat far beyond has everyone of imagine, according to Anime industry people feedback, currently domestic has must making capacity of animation making company of workload has row to has two years yihou, and scenes pushing is Tencent such of big platform, whole anime market has into was capital playing doping of times, can foreseen of future, 2 years in the will has many get platform, and big company force is of country diffuse IP into hand tour adapted of track.

4: interesting first hand independently will be recycled products
From the brush of the surrounding nerve cat screen circle of friends has been a whole year, likewise, can once again marvel at the mild hand or crowd discussion seems to be suspended for one year.

The current domestic market is controlled by IP based products with rhythm, after companies controlled products with small team has nothing to do with it? Gamelook doesn’t think so.

Industries becoming more severe in time, as you will have a number of mild into severe game player, but with the depth of the game, and play more homogeneity, also will have a group of players will play more picky, this process can effectively fill the vacancy with a separate interest of the tour product of the game.

Objectively speaking, the domestic game industry has been the lack of strong independent game development environment, but increasingly commercial development environments, is not representative of the country has received the market players to the homogeneity of the product, not to mention the hand is a particularly tolerant of diversity, special game platforms. Both independent gaming products, overseas and in the domestic indie games, is likely to become an increasingly polarized in another market.

For now, the hand in domestic leisure areas, overseas independent hand the role of domestic markets has been playing a shuffle, but because the distributors of these games popular in the larger, make us forget their independent identity of the game overseas. Similarly, gamelook see individual overseas independent games in its huge user base, are we to believe that indie games are currently the tour market is one of the few to be reclaimed, and deep blue sea.

5: the overseas market with
Overseas is the industry’s most obvious to see trends, why here again, simply because of the current domestic tourism is particularly important, as compared to overseas is one of the few good competition of domestic market, although not so blue, so red but definitely not China. Meanwhile, overseas travel market, at least in higher gross margins than domestic.

Overseas market variable has more than one. Like Japan’s LINE, which is below gamelook expectations, LINE has been unable to play-makers travel Publisher’s role, opposite in 2014 stopped n veterans tour the progressive degradation of advertising platforms, with Tencent hand income growth stimulus to the LINE, believe the LINE in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Japan market review hand distribution business. And Europe and Facebook, can be said to be the next heavyweight platforms like the app, which began attempts to start in 2015 swim products, can be said to hand to Europe and relatively stable market is a big variable.

In addition to platforms other than possible changes, actual condition of the European and American market currently lacks the power Distributor, also gives Chinese companies an opportunity, the inertia of the hand in the domestic industry still have capital when used capital to pry open European markets is a chance. Equally severe has been Asian companies are good at games, like call of the daimon of the long lost city, wise the Clash of Kings success in European and American markets gives Chinese companies a great deal of imagination. Overseas markets alone, can achieve a single game month billions of dollars, now that’s missing is a reasonable project, and distribution experience.

China heavy game repeatedly in Korea to achieve results, and COK’s success in European and American markets, industry has been greatly looking forward to, rely on the Chinese people to develop games is the opportunity to conquer global markets, and Sprint has begun to European and American markets.