U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati dodges questions about FIFA corruption scandal, connection with Chuck Blazer

Sunil Gulati will be the president with the United states Soccer Federation and is definitely the lone American representative on fifa comprar coins‘s troubled executive committee.

But his actual sport is dodgeball.

On Wednesday, Gulati scurried away in the media, dodging queries with the frantic determination of Lionel Messi dribbling down the wing.

“I’m not undertaking any media today,” Gulati told a handful of reporters at Securing Sport 2015, an annual conference organized by the Qatar-backed Global Centre for Sport Security.


He used the line repeatedly to fend off international journalists who had been lured towards the event with guarantees that Gulati would make rare public statements regarding the corruption crisis which has engulfed soccer.

Gulati had participated in a conference Q&A session moderated by James Carville, who seemed unprepared or unwilling to ask deep queries in regards to the scandal that has roiled Gulati’s sport. When Carville did bring up the the ongoing Justice Department investigation, he referred to it as “the elephant within the room.”

Gulati didn’t balk at Carville’s softball question, telling the Clinton-era political pundit that he believed FIFA will ultimately reform itself.