Two-time NBA championship members dying mysteriously

Odom was carried to an ambulance incident rooms Odom’s ex-wife is a socialite Kardashian Kohler, who is now the Rockets star Harden’s girlfriend Odom lifestyle has been controversial Guangzhou Evening News this morning news reporter Liu Yi reports: two-time NBA championship main members, former NBA Sixth Man Odom dying, affects the hearts of countless fans. According to the latest news this morning, Odom after entering the hospital experienced a stroke, may bring damage to their brain, he survived the probability is only 50%. The doctor said Odom, including the heart,
NBA 2K16 My Team Points kidneys and lungs, including the four organ failure occurs, these complications from drug use. Clippers captains last night in the NBA China Games absently, more or less related to the former Clippers star Odom admitted. At a news conference after the game, the Clippers headed star Paul tears in his eyes, not because of the team’s defeat, but for fear of the former Clippers teammate Lamar Odom.

Paul said: ‘I would like to take this opportunity to encourage and support an NBA brothers – Lamar Odom We love you, Lamar Odom, we must continue to fight us will always be brothers, we love.! you, we with you. ‘Tuesday afternoon, Odom was found in Nevada parang a legitimate, there is evidence of erotic chain, it was already unconscious. Odom went into a prostitute package under the VIP suites, fell to the ground unconscious Odom frightened her, she started shouting manager, who hit 911. The manager Odom’s body turned over and found a sticky-like liquid slowly flowing from his nose and mouth. Odom’s father said: ‘It was my son drugged, there is no reason he will fall to the ground I know a number of conditions, I’m really hurt..’ Odom serious condition, the former Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant arrived hospital visit. Last night even heard Odom’s death, but that is false news. Ewe Odom’s agent, said: ‘friends are very concerned about Odom, please do not rely on unofficial rumors, in this difficult time, please respect the family’s privacy.’

Austria Vendome will usher in November 6th 36th birthday, more than NBA star active older than him, such as Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce
nba mt points also joined the Clippers this summer, but Odom Fallen The speed is too fast. Odom in 1999 to draft fourth overall pick Clippers joined the Heat in 2003, joined the Lakers in 2004. As one of the NBA’s most comprehensive point forward, Odom helped the Lakers win two championships in 2009 and 2010, in 2011 was named the best sixth man. November 2011, Odom is the Lakers traded to the Mavericks, the deal made him frustrated, be the beginning of his fall, and his performance is poor during the calf. In June 2012, Odom was traded back to the old club the Clippers, and Paul became teammates. Odom hard longer have the courage, at the end of the 2012-2013 season of unemployment.

September 2009, Odom and Kardashian ladies Kohler married; in December 2013, Kardashian filed for divorce petition, which the couple officially divorced in mid-July this year, Kardashian has not officially divorce Harden became the Rockets star headed girlfriend. Odom abandonment to some extent related to the divorce, after his admission, his ex-wife Kardashian took his family went to the hospital to visit.