Tucker Broncos defensive incredible

Week, the Denver Broncos will play the Oakland Raiders, Raiders offensive group of young bright spots this season, but this week they will face the toughest challenges. When asked about the Broncos defense group, Raiders defensive end Justin – Tucker (Justin Tuck) indicates: This is unbelievable. Mustang’s new defensive coordinator Wade – Phillips (Wade Phillips) increased the team’s raid frequency, so that the team lost yardage, anti-pass yardage ranked first
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mut 16 coins sale coins in the league in defensive efficiency and third gear sack lead the league in several areas equally.

The team has 11 players to complete the sack, and in addition to the Broncos, the team completed just 6 of 11 sacks. Broncos winger punch combination pass Demarcus – Vail (DeMarcus Ware) and Von – Miller (Von Miller) is the team’s defensive core, the two were on the quarterback completed 25 times and 24 times the pressure, leading Union. Plus it has the strongest league in run defense group in the anti outstanding efficiency and a stable defensive front seat, Mustang.