Tokyo Sexwale along with the candidates for FIFA president, ranked by their spectacular names

1. Tokyo Sexwale. As an ignorant gaijin, my understanding of Japanese culture is limited to musical toilets, weird à la carte sex stuff, and that cat who ran a train fifa 16 coins kaufen station (RIP). That is to say: “Tokyo Sex Whale” is juuuuust believable adequate to be a genuine aquatic mammal and/or sex act. Tokyo Sexwale isn’t merely a name; it’s a journey with the imagination.

two. Jerome Champagne. Slightly much less believable than Ron Mexico or Joey Freshwater, but infinitely additional suave. It is the fake name James Bond would come up with if he had the intellect of Lane Kiffin.

3. Musa Bility. What’s your moose ability? Mine is scraping via frost to consume, like, moss and shit.

4. Gianni Infantino. Literally Italian for JOHNNY Child.

five. Sheikh Salman.

six. David Nakhid. Nah, kid. A last name that kinda insinuates nudity ain’t get you higher on this list.

7. Prince Ali. The only candidate for fifa 16 coins president who is also a character inside a Disney film. “Prince Ali, corrupt is he, Ali Abaaaaabwaaaa! Acquiring votes with pricy mink coats, definitelyyyyy.”

8. Michel Platini. This asshole’s gonna win, is not he?