This is a great opportunity preseason Houston running team, but injuries allows

Shorthanded situations they face. October 18 Rockets at home against the Miami Heat, coach Kevin McHale hope the wounded were able to return, so you can use the game to the team running team, they have to fight to regain winning feeling. Miami Heat have Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and other main hold the line, they are also hoping to find the season preseason status. (Beijing time at 8:00 on October 18 at Toyota Center) led to their injury the Rockets can not be running team, which became McHale heart disease. ‘We still have much work to do, so far, we have not enough players let us to accomplish these things.’ Slightly worried McHale said, ‘This must be changed, we need to return the wounded soldiers, must return to the training field, ready for the season.

Harden because of a knee injury sidelined consecutive two, Lawson and Thornton are injured in training, Capella’s shoulders problems. Back home against the Miami Heat, the McHale hopes to use conventional rotating lineup, but after returning to Houston Rockets no training time, which makes them unable to determine whether Howard able appearance. ‘We have to start preparing for the season opener, the.’ Brewer said, ‘we are now pretty good at using a conventional lineup of those games, we did a good job in moving the ball, shooting is also very good, The next few games, we have to do is to find the feeling. ‘If Harden, Lawson, Trevor Ariza, who can return, the Rockets this is certainly good, they will give the ball in the attack team bring great help. Capella had performed well, if Howard continued absence, so he and Jones
website will fight to play a greater role in the paint. Beverly Brewer ensure Attack team lineup, but also through the preseason McHale looking for more reliable replacements. ‘For us, stay healthy is the most important, in the NBA, most healthy teams have a chance to win the championship.

Our core in efforts to restore, we are able to cope with the immediate situation.’ Beverly said confidently . Miami in the preseason record is 0-3, the last game they lost to the Magic, but before they find the winning feeling from Spurs body. Wade, Bosh these core players showed good competitive state, they have to fight in Houston to play a greater role. Heat team, there are a good news, this is the Whiteside has been back, he participated in the team’s training match. It is worth noting that this is the other main force who Whiteside and Miami for the first time together in training, if his body responds well, it is likely to debut with the Rockets in the preseason. ‘I am very encouraged to see how he changed the game in the paint, you can not make plans for this kind of thing.’ Heat coach Spoelstra representation. Whiteside confident can give the team a tremendous help, he said: ‘I feel with Bosh complementary, because our style of play is different.’ Heat team speaking, Whiteside will take time and his teammates formed
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Rockets and Miami in the preseason has played against three times, Miami has never got off the victory. Regular season, the two teams tied 28 level, in Houston, the Rockets 16 wins and 12 losses. The last time the two teams met in the preseason, or October 26, 2006, was a guest at the Rockets to 96-71 win. Miami two sides are expected starting lineup: Dragic, Wade, Deng, Bosh, Whiteside Rockets: Lawson, Harden, Trevor Ariza, Jones, Capella