The watchman Herald secret details of the research and development of new game modes in the development of

Rookie card reservation | watch pioneer area
SINA game news on August 10, senior game designer for Blizzard Matthew Hawley and Michael Chu received media interviews in the GamesCom, it introduces the development details of the watchman Herald, they talk to the maps and a new game mode, and so on. Let us now look at the disclosed details of:

Game map

Blizzard has not determined how many maps depicting pioneer released at the launch of now owns Kings Road, Hua Cun, stations: Gibraltar, nubani, Anou than the Temple of wosikaya industrial park, 6 maps.

When developers want to create a new map, they first need to determine its location. Then, they will conduct a series of tests: whether it is a corridor around? Suitability of each hero’s play? Many of the characters can be moved vertically, this must be taken into account. Only the game feels good artists will participate.

New game modes

Blizzard to try a new game mode, but not yet ready to announce. However, the pattern is to show the hero’s glory and do, this is the real core of the game. Checkpoint map is done for skills. I think once the Blizzard set are satisfied with the role of heroes will allow us to see new game modes.

Heroes and skills development is the focus now. For example, the “occupation” pattern, imagine a team 6 game to the relay is such a cool scene. This will allow the player to remember Hunter to this role. Must make players feel the role of kick-ass, and the example above is enough to prove.

Senior game designer Michael Chu senior Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment game designer Michael Chu
Senior Game producer Matthew Hawley Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment veteran game producer Matthew Hawley
Team size

At present, the watchman Herald team of approximately 75-80 people. This is an almost ideal team size, especially for the development of communication between, and for discussions on the many elements of the game itself, the team size is greater than the Hearthstone legend and the Diablo team, but much smaller than the world of Warcraft team. (As reported by the foreign media has always been the history of Warcraft 7.0 team is the largest)

Background story

Depicting stories of the pioneer development will be carried out through cutscenes, there is also the official website as well as on other media such as Comic-Con in San Diego released picture book. It will talk about the conflict between humans and robots, Blizzard hopes to show background of the game, allowing the player to learn more about the games they play the hero and the world around them, including “watch pioneer organization” established.

Depicting a pioneer hero roles depicting heroes of the pioneer role
There are several ways to create a watch a vanguard role. Some roles, such as hunting bears is the development team can teleport several times the need for a role. Therefore, this kind of role skills was the first, followed by artists to create characters and so on. But for others, it is the image from a role started. First a dark character’s role and its image, and then think about what skills can meet.

Developers have their own favorite hero, but the case for everyone. Michael Chu one of my favorite heroes tend to be under development.

Follow-up will be adding lots of new content

Blizzard has a habit, is offering substantial follow-up after adding content to the game, depicting a pioneer will also follow this pattern. (Subsequent content added! This implies that the game will go on sale in the form of information? )

Blizzard is concerned whether the player wants to see the daily tasks, features such as achievements, if players want to see will be available to everyone as soon as possible.

Current economic models on the game there is no information available for the Observer pattern is also no news.

Team did not intend to have the same number for each type of hero. Blizzard’s goal is to provide fun, hero, that’s all. However, if lack of support heroes then Blizzard will work to address these issues.

Switching heroes in the game the possibility of heroes and boasts some of the same ideas, Blizzard is also very important. Therefore, you can imagine many 6 death of.

On the watch of pioneer

In 2014 on the opening ceremony of BlizzCon, Blizzard released a new shooting game of the OverWatch team 6V6 (Chinese: Watch pioneer), Beta testing and scheduled for the fall of 2015, NetEase announced in June this year also acting this Blizzard shooting game. Depicting pioneer, announced at the opening ceremony of the Carnival video game demo in the video, we can see that each character has its own independent of location and skill, and already has logged 15 heroes, it is understood that there will be more roles will debut in the future.

The watchman Herald is the background of a near-future Earth’s unique style of team shooting game. Every game will be made up of many different styles of heroes, mercenaries, scientist, adventurer and odd people join each other in an epic global war to fight.