The Knicks knocked the Hornets five straight gains Jefferson 12 points Lin truce

YORK, October 18 reported: Charlotte Hornets continue to maintain winning streak. Jefferson had 12 points, Kaminski had 11 points and eight rebounds, the Hornets regained the lead in the fourth quarter firmly maintain our competitive edge, the New York Knicks missed three-pointers tied the opportunity Summers, the Hornets team at home to 97-93 win over the opponent. The Hornets made five straight preseason games, the Knicks end 4-game winning streak suffered the
nba 2k16 mt first defeat. Knicks Jefferson had 12 points, Kaminski had 11 points, eight rebounds and three assists, Walker scored 10 points, Lamb had 10 points and 7 rebounds, 7 points and 4 Bartum rebounds, Lin did not play. Oerlikon Knicks had 17 points and four rebounds, Galloway had 15 points and six assists, Williams had 14 points and five rebounds, Amundson had 12
nba 2k mt points, 11 shots Boer Tianjin Gisborne 3 to get 6 points and 4 rebounds.

Anthony Knicks did not play. After the start of the two teams several times draw, Batum in the third, Walker hit a jumper, the Hornets lead to 12-6. Vujacic hit a jumper, Jefferson hit back four minutes, Batum layup, continues to lead the Hornets. Oerlikon scored a breakthrough, Kaminski ran the cast succeeded, the Hornets 22-16 lead six minutes to the end of the first section. Amundson and Williams in the second quarter after starting each scored 4 points, the Knicks 26-28 chase. Lamb performed well, he twice singles success for the team to stabilize the situation, Oerlikon holding attack mode counterattack 5 minutes, Galloway also voted in the third, four minutes 20 seconds before halftime when the Knicks to 38-36 go-ahead 2 points. The two sides after a few attack, the Hornets offensive force before halftime, Jefferson, Batum, Zeller and Walker turns to score, their 8-3 spurt to end the second quarter, the Hornets 50 -48 2 points ahead again.

Hornets Jefferson scored 12 points in the first half, Walker scored 10 points; Galloway Knicks scored 10 points, Williams scored nine points. Third quarter began after the two teams is still a tug of war, Galloway dunk, the Knicks to 59-58 lead 1 minute. Kaminsky, Hawes and Roberts each had two points, the Hornets regained the lead right. Williams scored five points to help the Knicks go-ahead once again, Grant also hit two jumpers, the Knicks 11-3 spurt to end the third quarter, they 73-69 lead four minutes.

Kaminski layup opened the fourth big screen, Amundsen contributed 4 points to help the team to expand the. E- Williams performed well thirds vote, Hairston also hit the third, the Hornets in the fourth quarter and 5 minutes chase into 83 levels. 85
2k 16 mt coins flat and E- Williams holding feel, they each carry a three-pointer, the Hornets played 8-2 spurt, they lead to 93-87. The Knicks did not give up efforts to contribute three points Summers, Oerlikon break points, the fourth quarter also 22.4 seconds when they chase 93-95. Wilkins made two free throws, missed Summers equalized third, Oerlikon can only continue to foul tactics, E- Williams made two free throws, the Hornets lead four minutes. The Knicks could not be completed after a short pause offensive, they lost 93-97. Knicks starting lineup: Galloway, Afflalo, Thomas, Boer Tianjin Gisborne, Seraphim Hornets starting lineup: Walker, Batum, Williams, Zeller, Jefferson