The killer is not too cold – Zhang Yuning

Speaking Zhang Yuning, people first thought is that shook the Chinese football, ‘The Silver killer’ Zhang Yuning. But now, Chinese football has emerged out of a Zhang Yuning. Zhang Yuning compared with that before, now this small Zhang Yuning is a very simple southern boy, Zhang Yuning was born in Wenzhou, his father gave him the name Zhang Yuning reason why this name is not because the year that shook the party’s ‘Beautiful queen killer ‘Zhang Yuning, its meaning is’ rather Stick to your guns, ‘It is reported that Zhang Yuning and a brother, named Zhang whole, his brother’s name and his name is also from the same meaning. Hit elegant saying Parents are their children the best teacher, this feature also fully reflected in the Zhang Yuning body, Zhang Yuning’s father played a pivotal role in their life, ‘the primary school had never been seen, Yuning afternoon also finished training To swim, learn night weekend fight game,
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Zhang father said. Zhang Yuning’s father was a swimmer, so I think a good body, the body is bad
cheap fifa coins to eat out, so much attention in the diet. Zhang Yuning diet nutrition for special emphasis, he grew up on a diet by Zhang Yuning way be cultured Europe. Although Zhang Yuning families conditions are very good, but Zhang father seemed more forthright in addition to diet, the other place is very ‘pull then I would not let him touch phones, computers, no pocket money, no good clothes While reading elite schools in Shanghai, but they are let him take the shuttle bus to go home, rarely meet him.

Principals and teachers think I am too harsh, but I can not, the child will understand me so for his own good. ‘ Although outsiders, Zhang Yuning management for small dad too harsh, even some extreme, however, for small Yuning do every thing, Zhang father is thought through, including the Liuyang. ‘From primary school onwards, including diet, foreign languages, will, quality of training, are in accordance with the plan in progress, a full 10 years.’ Dreams From 2003 Hongkou home games each day, there will be the added Hongkou Football Stadium ‘Blue Magic’ Zhang dad and little Yuning only 6 years old, watching the floor running Zhang Yuning, small Yuning deeply by his good sense and the ball in front of the calm look impressed live, little Yuning said Dad ‘I grew up going to Europe to play professional league.