The European Three MVP Candidate: Messi, C Ronaldo And Suarez Ultimate PK

On August 12, UEFA announced the 2014-15 season, the best player in Europe battle start, Messi, C Ronaldo and Luis Suarez will compete for this award, and the five uwen players was selected in the 10 list players, are unable to enter the list, and Buffon with the most votes came in the fourth place.

UEFA’s 54 members join the vote, each ballot to elect five players, the first got five points, the second got 4 points, and so on. 35 players entered the initial list, after the first round of voting, the top ten finalists enter the next stage vote, then select the final list of three candidates, on the August 27, UEFA will announce the final winner.

In the Champions League group draw on August 28, UEFA will announce the final winner of the best player in Europe. Over the past a few seasons of the award winners were Messi (2011), Andres Iniesta (2012), Franck Ribery (2013), and C Lo (2014).

Messi last season, broke Sarah’s 251 goals history of La Liga scoring record, and helped Barcelona to copy the Triple Crown. In the Champions League, he scored 10 goals. Suarez from Liverpool joining Barcelona was suspended for a period of time, who still maintained a good state. Messi, Neymar and Suarez “MSN Team”scored a total of 122.

And C Ronald in La Liga last season scored 47 goals and scored five goals in the Real Madrid 9-1 Granada, in the game against Espanyol, Getafe and Almería, C Romans 3 consecutive complete a hat-trick.