EA High Rise Show Their Grieve Over Simon Humber’s Death

“Making the game need a lot of time and people, Year after year, so that the whole team can collaborate more intimate. I and Simon work together for seven years, I and other colleagues now feel we lost a family as UT mode Father of fifa 16 coins, he also made a great contribution to manager Mode. This year a lot of games features are developed under his leadership. “

– Earlier this year, FIFA executive producer David Rutter said.

“Simon is very well known in the fan, his love of life, his sense of humor and concern for others, all people who met him liked him. His passion for Portsmouth, FIFA coins and football becoming a precious legacy to the world. Every Portsmouth fans of Fratton Park look forward to appear in FIFA 16, I believe Simon would be proud. He hope that this helps their loved ones club. “

– Ashley Brown, general manager of Portsmouth fan club message board say so.


During the EA work, Simon involved in the production of a number of projects, including the World Cup games in 2010 FIF Project chief producer and a series of recent FIFA games creative director.


“In the FIFA a few of my favorite gameplay flowes Simon sweat. I’m glad to worked with him once, we spents several hours in the creation and analysis of Excel data lists, these data will eventually become programming foundation. “

– Adam Bell, EA SPORTS FIFA game engine designers.


“Simon can jump out of the shackles of thinking, this unique capability to enable him to take us to create one of the best FIFA works ” 2010 FIFA World Cup “.Simon was the chief producer of the game, he once always pay attention to the feedback of forum. If you participate in the discussion forum in FIFA, I’m sure you remember how Simon is active, he has to stop to answer questions, feedback problem, filtered unreasonable proposal. Nevertheless, he still very observe and listen. After the game’s release, he also worked tirelessly attention to all the details, such as fine-tuning shirts, corner flag and so on. No matter how EA made a slight error in the production process, he will understand this thoe people is not acceptable. I think Simon really understands the meaning of existence FIFA community, and he proved it. ”                                              

                                                                                         – David Bryant futhead