“Mad King” landed IOS platform pirated Kingdom Battle?

“Mad King” (Crazy Kings) is a new tower defense game, tower defense like you’ve never seen it! However, careful you will find the game much like the “Battle of the kingdom,” people feeling that cottage Edition! The work is well-known game developer wooga landed this week, the latest IOS platform works will be awarded following the recommendation Appstore for shelves.

From wooga launched “mini village”, “Jelly Splash”, the picture is very valued local developers, although few exit strategy tower defense works, but wooga still maintained a sophisticated production style, people first a time to feel this is a good work. Dubbed “Mad King (Crazy Kings)” tower defense works at first glance and the “Kingdom Wars,” there is a dash of similar, there are indeed some gameplay elements refer to the “Kingdom Wars,” meaning, but to say completely copied That is wrong, “crazy king” has some of their own unique play, it really is worth a week’s work.

And “Kingdom Wars,” The difference is that this will be a card element was added, but the students can not see the word on the card feel disgusted, in fact, the mechanism of implantation cards just to be more conducive to synthesis, upgrade , to develop other games are played. Here checkpoint stocked, with quantity, quality should not be overlooked, where there are many hurdles type, in addition to ordinary tower defense gameplay, later also unlock challenge mode and BOSS tower challenges the way we continue to advance, the game It will give us surprises as possible.

In addition, the biggest difference, “Kingdom Wars,” with this as is “Kingdom Wars,” has a very rich skill tree, but here it does not say that, with calling cards is very flexible, there is no threshold of skill learning . If you are very keen to tower defense, then you must not miss this masterpiece.