Italian Football Federation cancel the punishment for Juventus temporarily

Juventus in the home court clashes with Turin fans in the game on April 27th and was punished by the Italian Football Federation by closing the South Stand for the tournament rounds. Then Italy Football Association announced that they accepted the Juventus’s appeal, and then they just close South Stand a round. Today, the Italian Olympic Committee O’Leary announced that it will cancel sanctions of Juventus, which means that in the first round league home game against Udinese, the South Stand fans can witness the beginning of a new team journey of the season.

In the last Turin derby season, the Juventus fans throwing paper bombs to the visiting team fans, which cause the club punished. But Juventus expressed he dissatisfaction with the results of the punishment and appeal to the Court. And the Italian Football Federation made concessions, closing the South Stand was reduced to a round. At the same time, sports court also awaite the result of federal prosecutors.

US federal prosecutors said it is very complicate to investigate the violence incident and cant get the result in the short period. The opening of the new Serie A season is on the way, if we maintain the original penalty, but the final results show that Juventus was innocent, then the Juvetus will have a big loss.

For these reasons, the Italian Football Association decided to cancel sanctions against Juventus temporarily, the first round of the South Stand on the August 24 will be open. Case Hearing will be held in Italy at 10:30 on September 3, the final results will come out, if Juve remain responsible for this incident, then shut down the South Stand of the punishment will be in the next game implemented.