FIFA to act if Govt suspends association over security breach

PUTRAJAYA: The Football Associa-tion of Malaysia (FAM) will face a worldwide ban by FIFA coins if the Government decides to suspend it more than a security breach in the Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia match.

Sports Commissioner Datuk Zaiton Othman served FAM a show-cause letter yesterday demanding an explanation on the incident within 14 days.

Fireworks, flares and smoke bombs were thrown onto the pitch by a group of unruly fans in the course of the Planet Cup Asian Zone Group A qualifying match at the Shah Alam Stadium on Tuesday.

The game had to become stopped inside the 88th minute and was at some point known as off.

The culprits are believed to become a group of die-hard fut coins football fans known as Ultras Malaya.

FAM may be suspended or de-registered by the Sports Commissioner if it fails to answer or if it doesn’t give an acceptable explanation.

If that takes place, FIFA will ban FAM from competing in all international tournaments.

The international physique doesn’t take government interference in national football associations lightly.

It suspended Indonesia’s football association for that purpose in June.

The threat of this did not avoid Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin from instructing the Sports Commissioner on Wednesday to send the show-cause letter to FAM.

He said the incident was “the final straw” because it threatened public safety.

“Under our Sports Improvement Act, the Sports Commissioner has the authority to instruct associations to supply information when public security is threatened,” he told reporters right here yesterday.

Khairy said the Sports Commissioner could take action, which includes de-registration or suspension, following getting FAM’s reply.

He stated he was aware on the long-term consequences of a FIFA ban, “but you realize, we cannot not act just because we are concerned about international sanction”.

“When it comes towards the stage that we’ve to intervene, we have to. Our embassy in Saudi Arabia has received an objection letter and wants answers. This incident has strained diplomaticties,” he said.