Stoichkov Golden Globe Messi belongs to Barcelona, ​​do not worry about the state

Former Barcelona striker Hristo Stoichkov believes that red and blue army will be the biggest winner of the
fifa 16 coins 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or award. In the list of 23 candidates for the FIFA Golden Globes were announced, a total of Barca Iniesta, Javier Mascherano, Messi, Neymar, Rakitic and Suarez 6 people on the list. Barcelona won the Triple Crown last season, which is likely voters about their votes ownership. Stoichkov believes Iniesta qualified podium, but he felt that MSN is more likely to rule in the selection. ‘Messi will win the Golden Globe, Neymar and Suarez will be on the podium. Yineisita qualifications should also have competition,’ Stoichkov said. After this season, he played eight Primera Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona with 18 points, while Celta Vigo, Atletico Madrid
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Although La Liga is very competitive, but Stoichkov opinion, it can pose a challenge to the defending Barca still only Real Madrid. ‘I do not worry about Barcelona and Real Madrid. The only difference is that a direct dialogue between them,’ Stoichkov said. ‘I am very relieved to Barcelona, ​​because I know they will continue to go on to win. Real Madrid unlikely to throw off Barcelona 6-8 before Christmas. When you lose the ball constantly, when there are always a variety of questions, but you want to see Look them in the performance of the last two games. ‘Stoichkov also urge you not to Neymar grabbed hold. Brazil captain outstanding performance during the Macy’s absence, he played the last round of La Liga Luckiest Man, to help the team 5-2 victory over Rayo Vallecano. ‘I have no doubt that the strength of Barcelona. Although there are a lot of injuries, but they still seem to have come prepared. Now everybody is talking about Neymar, but I am more concerned about is the whole team.’ Stoichkov Primakov added.