Steam device will go on sale in the year 2016 can play Dota2 games

Steam Boy was rumored earlier handhelds, today made its first appearance in front of the player. This is called Smach Zero gaming handheld, is Steam-designed handheld game machine. The PSP will open in November 2015, scheduled and in 2016, on sale in the fourth quarter, the first book, priced at $ 299 (about 1856-).

Steam Boy wonder Steam Boy wonder

Smach Zero is actually a custom-built mobile PC, the hardware configuration for the 4G, 32G internal hard drive memory (SD card support), 720P 5-inch screen, HDMI output, WIFI and Bluetooth (if you select the advanced version also supports the 4G network). Valve says Smach Zero Steam that can be used to play most of the game, including the half-life 2 and the civilization 5 and DOTA2, and so on.

This is called the SteamBoy project last year, by a third-party hardware manufacturers release build will be available in 2015. Handheld configuration configurable touchpad similar to the Steam handle, used to simulate a mouse and keyboard. Handheld and other Steam host cannot be matched in performance, but it can be done “mobility” as the developer says “3DS and PSV and cannot compare to Wii u and the PS4 ‘s performance.” Do not know whether this device will provide a wide variety of Steam host, bring some special highlights.