Special comment: Zhang Xizhe frustrated is still a little warning of China’s pride

Bundesliga giants Wolfsburg officials announced that formal and Zhang Xizhe break up, Chinese players Zhang Xizhe to return, return to Beijing Guoan. For the Zhang Xizhe that leave Wolfsburg expressed endless regret, general manager Klaus Allofs says, “in our recent training and competition, Zhang Xizhe state very good. However, this is his wish, he wants to return to his old club, because he wants to get into the Chinese national team. We have a good foundation of cooperation between Beijing and the national security, so we agreed to Zhang Xizhe’s request. Wolfsburg’s goal will not change, will continue to focus on attracting new fans in China, and to enhance the visibility of Wolfsburg.”
At the same time, Wolfsburg press officer Materna for Zhang Xizhe has failed to keep the team expressed the feelings of regret, “I am Zhang Xizhe expressed regret, last summer he behaved well. If I were you, I will insist on half of the season, if the winter is still not to consider. I think he still has a chance, but he himself has lost confidence, I also wish him success in the national security.” Whether is Klaus Allofs, or Materna, from them is not difficult to see, they to Zhang Xizhe is very recognized, is disappointed, Zhang Xizhe did not insist on down, in front of the difficulty, chose to retreat. Eventually made a return to Beijing Guoan’s decision, which is obviously a make people disappointed.
From joined Wolfsburg to departure, Zhang Xizhe in Germany spent time of half an year, although not race debut in, but he is the pride of the people of, after all, over the past six months, — Zhang Xizhe fill the five major league for four years without the blank of Chinese players! , of course, the failure of Zhang Xizhe Liuyang also from the side proved that he represents the top players in China, no strength gain a firm foothold in the lineup for the best teams in Europe, the gap is still very obvious. Last season, the players compete with Zhang Xizhe played basically is top star, in the position of attacking midfielder and playmaker. First is player de bruyne, xuerle, perisic and Vieri Jani etc..
Actually, the Zhang Xizhe that failure is obvious, his strength far Wolfsburg midfielder average, past a season Wolf fort get runners up in the Bundesliga and for the first time in the history won the German Cup champion, and reached the UEFA Cup quarter finals, which match at home against Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg or 4-1 to kill pain Bayern Munich to know the strength of the great king, the king of the south is one of the strongest European football as one of four teams! Landing like giants such as Wolfsburg and of course good, but you have to have enough strength after both Dong Fangzhuo is Hao Junmin, have in European giants played, but the end result is, Manchester United and Schalke 04 were due to their lack of strength will be the cleaning, they fail and return.

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In Asian football, to gain a foothold in Europe’s top club players less, Park Ji-Sung, Kagawa Shinji, Honda Keisuke and Hatomo Yuto and other players can only be said to be a minority, most of them choose the players Liuyang is the second and three current club, such as Yoshida Maya, Li Qinglong and Sun Xingmin, are slowly on the so-called weak, and some achievements in European football, and even some Japanese players such as goalkeeper Kawashima Nagatsugu joined the club from Belgium, the so-called five big league, no empty fame, the pursuit of giants there, they accept the temper of European football, the strength level gradually improved; one can’t eat fat, slowly on the kingly way, this is to prepare Liuyang the Chinese player a warning.
Back to look at Zhang Xizhe, even if he the Liuyang fails, for his career, is precious wealth, he clearly their strength in which grades, aged 24 years old, he is still very young, and study abroad opportunities, waiting for the time is ripe, once again choose to study abroad, set up his own point of view and the position will certainly gain success.