Sepp Blatter will appeal eight-year ban from football, as outlined by lawyer

Former Fifa President Sepp Blatter will appeal his ban from football, his lawyer has mentioned.

Blatter, as well as Uefa President Michel Platini, was banned from all football for eight years by Fifa’s ethics committee on 21 December, more than a ?ê1.three million payment sent from Fifa to Platini in 2011, which was apparently for function carried out in previous years.

Now, AFP reports that Blatter will appeal the choice.

Neither Blatter or Platini attended the hearing in Zurich where they received their ban, althought their lawyers have been present.

Within a 40-page statement explaining their selection, it mentioned the ban prevented the pair from taking element in all types of football-related activities, regardless of whether on national or international levels.

Also towards the bans, each had been provided weighty fines – ?ê33,000 for Blatter, and ?ê53,000 for Platini.

Fifa mentioned the explanation the guys gave for the dubious 2011 payment was “not convincing,” but mentioned there was not enought evidence to secure charges of corruption.

Speaking at a press conference following his ban, Blatter mentioned: “I will fight and I will fight till the finish,” but the very first official announcement of an appeal has only come now.