Scrapping offside rule would make no sense ¨C Low

Germany coach Joachim Low has disagreed with Oliver Bierhoff more than the national group manager’s help for abolishing the offside rule, saying “football without having offside does not make sense”.

Bierhoff backed a suggestion by FIFA technical director Marco van Basten that abolishing the offside rule could make the game additional fascinating, plus the former Germany and AC Milan striker proposed a trial period to test the effects of a rule adjust.
Low, who performs alongside Bierhoff for the German national team, dismissed the idea and mentioned that scrapping the offside rule could rob the game of its basic tactical components.
When asked how he would method the game without the offside rule, Low told SportBild: “I would leave as a coach two players inside the opponent’s penalty area. And also the opponent would in all probability do the same.
“The result: the space in midfield becomes large, football becomes a sort of field handball, and teams would commence attacks virtually exclusively with extended balls from their very own half in to the other.
“The abolition in the offside rule would fully modify the football. It would no longer be what it really is at the moment: a really fascinating, very tactical game.”
Low backed the trial of a fourth substitution within this season’s FA Cup, and he also suggested that sin bins could bring a valuable dynamic towards the game.
He said: “If an individual commits a tactical foul, then he might be sanctioned using a 10-minute penalty as an alternative of a yellow card, so that the group broken by the foul can still have an advantage within this game.”

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