Scott Kobe Bryant is about to resume training will be played in the regular season opening game

According to NBA China official website news, reports, although Bryant Road – Williams will be absent due to injury in the game against Portland, but Lakers coach Byron – Scott said, there is no need to be
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nba 2k16 mt the human condition, they will play the Lakers new regular season opener. Scott recently said that the absence of the past two preseason games and four team training, Bryant in the first training run will resume Tuesday.

Earlier, Bryant in the game
2k16 mt points against the Kings with a calf injury, but then Scott predicted Bryant will return to the court when the game against the Warriors. ‘Bryant’s situation is more serious than some of us imagined,’ Scott said, ‘some swelling of his leg, we have to wait for the swelling to disappear, to let him back on the field training, which is longer than the time we expected but fortunately no serious problem.

This means that Bryant can participate in the final preseason game of the Lakers. But in view of the past two seasons, he only played because of injuries altogether 41 games, the Lakers Kobe Bryant situation to be more careful. ‘No need to get them played with the injury, especially when we now have the opportunity to make them fully recovered.’ Scott said.