Preview La Liga – Barcelona VS submarines MSN impact a single year 120 balls

2015-2016 season, the Spanish Football League 11 ushered in a focus of the war, sits at home in Barcelona Camp Nou against Villarreal. ‘MSN’ combination has scored 119 goals in 2015, Neymar and Suarez will jointly towards ‘120+’ attack. Then you live it will also bring fans live the game, so stay tuned. Match properties: La Liga 11 game time: 11-8 Sunday 23:00 venue: Camp Nou stadium game ANCHOR: heroes two teams played against a total of 30 times in the history of La Liga,
fifa 17 coins Barcelona with 16 wins, six draws and 8 losses , into the 56 fault, non 41 balls scores prevail. 15 times with a total of eight submarines confront wins, four draws and three losses at the Nou Camp, Barcelona, ​​into the 33 fault, non 19 balls results.

The two sides last four games against Barcelona to achieve victory, last time it was Villarreal draw is in the 2011-2012 season, the first 21, then Barça goalless draw with rivals; and the last time you lost submarine also retrospectively the 2007-2008 season 7, when Barcelona lost 1-3 at El Madrigal. Barcelona 1-0 last season in the league, at home 3-2 double play opponents. The game is Real Madrid and Barcelona in the last race before the national derby started a game
fifa ut ps coins Barca only win came in the standings to second position at least. Although this Xiabiliya Real has lost Qielishefu such core players, but still quite a lot submarine strength, had the lead over Villarreal in La Liga, while currently ranked No. 5 behind only Barcelona 4 Minute.

While Barcelona’s longest unbeaten streak this season is six games, in the creation of start to the season, Celta eventually terminated. After the team lost to Galicia, Barcelona regained six games unbeaten performance, 3-line operations achieved 5 wins and 1 results. Whether the submarine will check who might play Barcelona? The red and blue army once the race or lose at home against Malaga in February of this year’s competition. From the style point of view, the campaign will be the offensive and defensive back football contest, Villarreal La Liga is currently averaging a shot at least the team, so the other strikers blocking counterattack, Barcelona can achieve at least unbeaten the result of. The campaign in order to break Barcelona, ​​Neymar is still the largest source and buck teeth Su, Barcelona last seven games, Neymar and Suarez arranged almost all of the goals, only in the Champions League game against Borisov, Rakitic scored two goals, which is the only player in addition to the ‘Massu’ combined to break the Barcelona squad.

The ‘MSN’ combination has scored 119 goals in 2015, Neymar and Suarez will jointly towards ‘120+’ attack. The game, Bravo will serve as the starting goalkeeper, Alba and Alves will serve about fullback, halfback combination partner Pique and Mathieu, Busquets, Iniesta and Sergio – Roberto will jointly partner in midfield, up front will probably be his assistant Munir Suarez and Neymar. And this is currently the strongest array can be resorted to Enrique, although the country can be lifted back Javier Mascherano derby, but the campaign is to not Clasico Enrique formations to prepare. Barca forecast starting: Bravo / Alves, Pique, Mathieu, Alba / Busquets, Iniesta, Sergio – Roberto / Munir, Neymar, Suarez.