Pittsburgh Penguins: Matt Murray’s NHL 18 Rating Revealed

The EA Sports video game NHL 18 is set to become released on September 15, 2017. On August 25, EA released a list with the Leading Ten Goalies inside the game, and Pittsburgh Penguin Matt Murray deservedly produced the reduce. read more

The players earn ratings from 1-99 determined by their all round functionality and ability. Matt Murray pulled an 88 general, producing him the 5th highest rated goaltender within the game. Not bad to get a (form of) sophomore year player.

Given that storming onto the scene for the duration of the Pittsburgh Penguins 2015-16 Stanley Cup victory, Matt Murray has been one of the really greatest netminders inside the NHL. Immediately after the Penguins’ 2016-17 Stanley Cup Championship final year, he became the only netminder in NHL history to win two Stanley Cups as a rookie. He’s among the list of greatest at stopping higher shots, boasting a Glove High (90) and Stick Higher (90).

Judging by the screenshot of Murray’s player card, it seems his lowest ratings are 85’s in ‘Durability’ and ‘Poise’. Even though he’s nonetheless young and hasn’t ran into a lot of injury trouble, it’s really hard to judge his Durability.

That poise rating on the other hand, is dreadfully underrated. The man stepped in to replace one of the most beloved goaltenders inside the league in his rookie season. After which he won the Stanley Cup.

Then in his “official” rookie season, he did it again.

In regards to Cups per season, Murray is batting 1.000. He doesn’t scare effortlessly. Net minders have to be essentially the most focused player on the ice and Murray has proved to be mentally mature beyond his years.

So I am going to disagree, and say there is certainly NO WAY that ‘poise’ will be 1 of Matt Murray’s weak points.

Around the flip side, if that is the only stat I’ve to complain about, I suppose they did a decent job rating our boy.

What About Phil?

Not much NHL 18 Coins can be produced from the rest of the ratings, as person players are becoming released within the coming weeks. EA did even so release a statement saying that player ratings will be decrease than years previous.

This info helped douse the hell-fire that sparked in my soul when I study Phil Kessel was rocking an 86 general.

I though this was Team USA all more than again, but it turns out they are not snubbing the Thrill.