Pig sister of God laid win situation IM.A beat ebb finals

Gaming Goddess tournament on the 8th SP: List of players

Dragon Ball live eSports tournament in the first quarter of the goddess (referred: LGQ Season 1) in at 15:00 on June 8th shocked to open, fourteen goddess team ready to go. Unprecedented grand electric competition will be the first woman to go to war, what they will do what the goddess performance, so we see it now!

Gaming Goddess Invitational Tournament Gaming Goddess 8 SP: List IM.A vs eSports players goddess tournament on the 8th SP: List of players ebb, the following are the game’s battlefield:

Location / clan IM.A ebb
1st Ban fish 1 Rui Wen
2nd Ban Mo Megane time assassin attire Ike Ike
3rd Ban widow 1 snake woman
Single Rambo Kalmar
And wild pig woman Poon
Single Jess Hero Avatar Modify Figure fox
ADC 1 Vengeance spear Levin
Auxiliary Lulu brilliant
IM.A blue square, ebb in the red square.

Five people start to ebb grass triangle next road ambush, skateboarding shoes walk five people accidentally hit, eventually won a Pension blood.

Both sides normal to the line.

2 minutes, both sides of the fight down the road, Levin Lulu eventually won the head.

7 minutes, the road was under the Pension gank female pig won the head, and then open the big move to cut fox Lulu attempt to win the head, but was instead to kill three IM.A.

9 minutes, IM.A four more tower to the next road kill Pension, but the residual blood is then Levin female pigs out of the big recruit under head.

11 minutes, the residual blood in the road was killed Rambo Kalmar and the tower strong female pig.

12 minutes, IM.A win dragons.

14 minutes, both sides gathered in the wild under way, the two sides battle group opened the final with a perfect pig woman IM.A big move called 0-for-4 and turned down ebb under way a tower and two towers. With Houjie Si ebb turned down the middle in the middle of a tower.


15 minutes, Pension dragons at the Corner IM.A two were slain.

16 minutes, IM.A in road 2v3 hit kill Poon.

17 minutes, IM.A next road crossing heights kill Levin. The residual red blood Rambo steal opposition area is eye guard found Kalmar transferred out of Q won the poll.

19 minutes, Jesse was three chase in the middle, pig woman came out of a perfect hit three big move, by the anti-fox kill residual blood. Then open the big move to make skateboarding shoes Lulu onrush to the crowd, the two Rambo big move will ebb crippled, skateboarding shoes scored two more towers head, but then send 500 skateboard shoes big head.

21 minutes, IM.A win dragons.

22 minutes, IM.A win big dragon, but the female pigs were slain a large dragon. IM.A leading economic 14K.

23 minutes, IM.A ebb turned down the middle, then the two sides go to war in the highlands, Lulu and the first to be Rambo kill, IM.A to retreat. Pension choice but to chase, eventually fell under IM.A storm.

27 minutes, IM.A ebb turned down the road.

29 minutes, IM.A Kill spring ebb away in the three ebb.

Congratulations IM.A achieved victory in this game.