Pierce main substitute can be competent can partner with anyone good

Data Figure: Pierce Photo Source: Xinhua. According to NBA China official website news, ‘Los Angeles Daily News’ reported that the Clippers veteran Pierce said, whether in the squad to play the main or reserve, he can do the job. – Paul Pierce will be the first 15 seasons of his career dedicated to the Celtics, and now he is about the effectiveness of the third team in three years. The offseason to join the Clippers small forward played for the past two years, the Nets and the Wizards. ‘Everything went well,’ Pierce after training on Monday morning and said, ‘I knew before coming to the team a lot of guys here,
nba mt points if only to understand the life of them, it will not be a problem.’

I I think everyone in the field to adapt to the characteristics of the game is the top priority, such as to adapt to the new offensive system and playing style. This is for me the most important thing, but everything is going very well. ‘Kay Pierce After Stewart who played for nine years, it is now coach of the Clippers coach Doug – Rivers, who in 2008 jointly won the NBA championship. Doc Rivers said Pierce would not have problems to adapt to the new environment. ‘He adapted very well, as long as he stood in the court, he knew how
nba 2k mt to play, because he has been playing for several years with the ball, he knows how to integrate into the team,’ Rivers joked. So the question is, will the new season as the starting Pierce was on the bench it? Rivers admitted he did not know the answer, but Pierce said confidently both roles he can do the job.

I think the most important thing is to create a good chemistry, because I feel I can better partner with anyone,’ Pierce said, ‘I can play a lot of positions in the field to do a lot of things. So whether it is the first team for the first two line-up, I feel I have the ability to make adjustments. ‘Pierce on October 13 has just celebrated his 38th birthday, in his entire career he has served as the starting role. Even last season, Pierce 37 years old for the Wizards first appearances of all 73 games. Throughout his career, Pierce has played 1,250 games, did not start only 10 games. Team of another new aid Wesley – Johnson is the team’s starting small forward another candidate. Pierce currently 25899 points in NBA history in scoring the first 16, has a career scoring average of 20.7 points.