Paul wounding 17 + 6 MVP performance but harvesting halftime fiasco An illusion

YORK, October 14 reported: Beijing
nba 2k16 mt October 14, the Clippers in Shanghai to 71-113 defeat the Hornets, Paul played with the injury in the game, scored 6 of 10 shots, scored 17 points and 6 assists , but this performance, in return for a downright fiasco, 71-113 Clippers lost mad opponents 42 points. Since the left index finger fracture sake, Paul opener sidelined, not playing. However, so-called audience Shengqingnanque, even if only a preseason game, Paul also adhere to teeth, played with the injury. More frustrating is that Paul is not only played, but also the quality and quantity performance can be described as the color. Jeremy grab a good start, but Paul but with practical action interpretation of what is steady.

After a record baseline turnaround jumper, Paul played a masterful pass. He suddenly flick through screens wrists cut from the middle and win a nifty bounce, through the defense Hougelifen directly take off, complete dunks. Paul followed by another force, and into the restricted area layup. The first section of the end, CP3 individual 3 shots, got six points. Clippers unfavorable war situation, the new aid were brave soldiers scattered like a tour, soon to be dug pit double digits. How to break? Or rely on Paul. After re-debut Paul hit consecutive jumpers, then he caught a defensive rebound came second quarterback style Houchangchangzhuan, grasp the intensity of speed just right. Play has not ended, before halftime 1 minutes 28 seconds, 30 ° angle sham vote Paul really pass, Griffin hint insert timely, ball to, who to, easy layup Adds 2 points.

outstanding performance like this, not only to help the Clippers continue to chase points, also makes the fans look mesmerizing. Despite the tribute before the start of the ceremony, Lin obtained a greater than Paul decibel cheers, but CP3 out dazzling performance, but the scene was Paul shouted in unison ‘MVP’ slogan. The thought that Paul can control the audience, only to ex situ battles drastic changes. Throughout the third quarter, the Clippers opponents 29-8
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nba 2k 16 mt coins of bombers, when the situation to get out of hand when erosion, Paul also helpless. After all, he was a man of piecemeal alone can not save a bad situation. Especially the scenes cause for regret, near the end of the third quarter, when Paul tries to break the bottom line foul, the referee sounded the whistle do so, however, the penalty is CP3 walking. In desperation, Paul had the ball back to the referee and with embarrassment eyes glanced referee. Team defeat, one man can save the non-even playing hurt, Paul also helpless.