Panthers linebacker Jike Li examination by concussion

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke – Jike Li (Luke Kuechly) absence due to a concussion after three games is about to return. The All-NBA while linebacker inspection process by the concussion and return to training on Tuesday. NFL’s official website reporter Rand – Gatlinburg (Rand Getlin) reported Jike Li feel good and the fate of his plan is to participate in the game against the Seattle Seahawks. Jike
buy madden 16 coins Li playing time this season, less than two games, at this time, he still made seven tackles and one sack. Let the grapple madman back in the game is a huge positive for the Panthers.

Despite the start won four straight, the Panthers was difficult to stop opponents attack group. In the case of ball impact mediocre opponents offensive group to combat Panthers defensive Road at sidelined. After a relaxed start, the Panthers schedule starting this week it became difficult. They will travel to face the Seattle Seahawks recent ring true, then for two consecutive weeks in the night race face the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts, after which they will be home to face the Green Bay Packers. When the Panthers tried to start hot pursuit of five-game winning
cheap mut 16 coins streak the Atlanta Falcons to try to win a third consecutive year, the National League champion South when they desperately need return.