Overview: FIFA 16 – one more sharp than ever return? -E3 2015

Two hours, is in any case the time that we were able to devote joystick in hand, alternating between matches face a human and against the opposing AI. A few minutes before this sequence of confrontation, EA took the time to explain to us, slides and videos in support, the main innovations of gameplay of opus, first opportunity to get an idea of the work done since the previous version.
So let’s start by the most important shipyard, defense. Not really convincing lately, it has been the subject of special attention this season and offers us a better fluidity of movements of the defenders, the optimization of the displacement of the IA Allied as well as some additions to the level of tackling. Honour to the last named that we were particularly convinced by their realism after only a few minutes of play. More elongate, these now enable the expert player to go dislodge the ball from the legs of his opponent after a dantesque race and a sliding graph tackle. Enjoyable, especially the rendering on the screen is much more striking in FIFA 16 coins and closer pretty slips which are capable good defenders.
Another good idea also made its appearance with the ability to curb his tackle in full execution via pressing the A button or cross, allowing the player to catch up in the event of a missed tackle and why not avoid be too distanced by the opponent. Useful without being abusive, function pair beautifully to tackles more supported by this new opus. Last useful movement added to the palette of our players, they are now able to dislodge a ball halfway up the subtly without systematically engage in a duel or a touch against an opponent. The idea seems minimal, but it is again offering a more realistic rendering in confrontations in one on one by allowing the player to simply to straighten the leg to deflect a ball at the level of the knee of the opponent and not yet perfectly controlled by the latter.
Side guards on the other hand, the editor has not yet wanted to communicate and our first impressions stick in hands hardly allowed us to see changes in this regard. Simply note the future addition of new movements including the ability on a judgment or the body of goalkeeper behind the row unfolded her arms to prevent the ball to cross.