Overhead wire to play Recalling the history of virtual reality technology

Virtual reality equipment has been sizzling in recent years, whether it be “Morpheus (Morpheus)” or “Oculus Rift”, head-mounted virtual reality glasses, more and more companies are joining the battle for new round of virtual reality equipment.

However, VR is not a recent occurrence of new technologies, in the early 60 ‘s, and the world has already seen the first VR equipment. Below, we review the history of VR devices using 20 picture.

Sensorama – 1962

In 1962 the first VR equipment in the world, called “Sensorama” device requires the user to sit in a Chair, poked inside the equipment, formed a sense of space through the screens on three sides, forming a virtual reality experience. However, this was born 6 years earlier than the mouse devices obviously do not have much practical significance, for the user, it’s just a simple 3D display tool.

Sensorama – 1962Sensorama – 1962
Sutherland – 1968

By 1968, computer graphics of the parent and the virtual reality of the father of the famous computer scientist Ivan Sutherland had designed the first head-mounted display “Sutherland”. But because of technical limitations at that time, the entire device is great, does not support Rod connection on the ceiling is not used correctly, and its unique shape has been dubbed users hanging over the head of “the sword of Damocles (The Sword of Damocles).”

Sutherland – 1968Sutherland – 1968
First real VR to market commercial products

When it comes to VR, we had to bring a person Jaron Lanier (Jaron Lanier), the computer scientist, philosopher and musician genius with the three VR concept was introduced in 1987. But he has also assembled a $ 100,000 worth of virtual reality helmet, because the old shape of this helmet is not found, but this is the first real virtual reality VR to market commercial products.

Jaron LanierJaron Lanier
Virtuality 1000CS

From the 80 ‘s to the 90 ‘s, although people have been science-fiction fantasy virtual reality in movies, but in 1991 called “Virtuality 1000CS” virtual reality equipment fully for the shows the embarrassment of VR products–shape heavy, single function and expensive, although were given hope and still is the concept of existence.

Virtuality 1000CSVirtuality 1000CS
Nintendo Virtual Boy

Big, easy and egg, of thinking too far ahead is sometimes hard to shore up the cruel reality. Time magazine named “one of the 50 worst inventions in the history of” Nintendo hosts “Virtual Boy” disappeared in merely survive in the market for six months.

Nintendo Virtual Boy Nintendo Virtual Boy
For collection-controlled players, this is actually a good thing–only 22 release of the game is very easy to reach “game master series” in the title.

In fact, some say VB failed common attacks from internal and external energy, while VB developer gumpei yokoi of his disciples refused to participate in the game development, on the other hand many VB games, Square Enix right shuffle plans to significantly delay, VB after all the reason for the failure is actually outdated, its concept was ahead, but the pace is really too big.

Nintendo Virtual Boy Nintendo Virtual Boy
Recent rumors that Nintendo will release a new VB host, perhaps now is the good time to VB on the historical stage.

Google Google glasses Glass

After more than 10 years, maybe VB the impact of failure, VR equipment seems to have never set off the boom. In addition to Nintendo, and dare again in VR the blocks out of the big Google. April 2014, Google released an “expanding reality” glasses, although the General VR some differences with us, but in the reality of human-computer interaction, developing a brand new field of vision on, glass seems to have brought a flurry of Vogue.

Google GlassGoogle Glass
But ultimately the market with price leverage, for most users, the price of more than 10,000 yuan did not cost effective, so in January 19, 2015, Google stopped the glass “Explorer” project.

VR equipment chapter–Oculus Rift

In August 2012, raised in a newly established company website Kickstarter opened the VR devices raise plan. This called Oculus at the acceptable price wide angle, low latency flow experience to the masses, before the sale price is much lower than $ 300 VR equipment of tens of thousands of dollars.

Oculus RiftOculus Rift
Solve the price after fatal problems such as awkward and bulky shape, VR equipment appears to be narrowing the distance between the user and all of a sudden.

$ 2.5 million raised, $ 16 million in first-round financing to 2014 with a price of 2 billion acquisition by Facebook, users ‘ enthusiasm for VR devices are constantly being stimulated swollen.

Sony head-mounted display HMZ

Starting from 2011, Sony began to publish his own head-mounted display HMZ series, but from the HMZ-T1 to the HMZ-T3W, just as the device screen appears. No body feeling and tilting it just gives players a look most of the time a giant 3D screen.

HMZ Sony Sony headset display head-mounted display HMZ
PROTOTYPE-SR is the enhanced version of HMZ-T2, which increased in the HMZ-T2 on the basis of adding cameras and gyroscopes, to past images and current image fusion experimental device.

The device experience is carried out in a Special Chamber. Equipment will be in the same environment prior to shoot 360 degree panoramic images and current see fusion, allowing experience to see the images of things that do not exist at present, and can have special effects such as teleportation.

Sony virtual device Project Morpheus

Finally, time to Project Morpheus debut, unlike the Oculus Rift for multi-platform support, Project Morpheus is more of a game peripheral, because it is only for the Sony PS4 game console.