suspension which was imposed by FIFA’s ethics committee in December. And as he watches the election of a brand new president, Blatter is going out with guns blazing.

In an interview with French network BFM Tv, Blatter took shots in the media as well as the Usa for his suspension. When asked if he had any regrets, Blatter didn’t look back on his controversial four-plus terms for an answer, he set his target on an institution of which he’s had an adversarial connection:

‘What I regret is the way the media moved in to kill me from the get-go,’ Blatter mentioned. ‘This condemnation from the Fifa president by the media when I was not accountable for the actions with the members of the executive committee considering the fact that I am not the 1 who elected them ?- My regret is, perhaps, that we didn’t take the required measures to avoid possessing members with the Fifa executive committee who hadn’t passed the integrity test.’

Blatter definitely isn’t reflecting inside and taking any blame for his suspension which he’s attractive. And he’s also focusing around the United states for his troubles also citing the FBI and IRS investigations that led to indictments of several FIFA officials. Blatter stated outright that when the United states of america had been awarded the 2022 Planet Cup alternatively of Qatar, he wouldn’t be within the present mess.

Blatter admits he’s sad that it has all come down to him leaving FIFA and that he doesn’t have any friends now. But he added that some voting members have asked him who they should really support, but mentioned he couldn’t take sides. The truth that some FIFA officials are nevertheless asking for his advice is really distressing for those hoping that the organization will reform from its old techniques.

As he leaves, Blatter is not taking a look at himself as the root of FIFA’s troubles and would rather spot blame on outside sources which has been typical for his tenure as president.