Only a 50% chance of Odom can live a rough life can get over it this time

Times reported fainting from the Odom has passed the whole day, yesterday morning, the doctor gives the diagnosis is still not optimistic, Odom survival rate of only 50%. Four organ Odom body (including the kidneys) is in a failure state. In addition, he also appeared in a series of symptoms of stroke and heart problems in a hospital. A rough life of Lamar Odom, is experiencing one of life’s most important juncture, to see if he can not quite gone. United States Tuesday, in Nevada City box a love affair place, Odom was found unconscious, unconscious. Odom dying of news affecting the entire NBA, many former teammates or opponents are praying for him, hoping to be able to ride
nba mt coins out the storm Odom. ‘Lamar’s life has gone through a lot of pain, he had experienced the pain more than any person.’

The current Warriors assistant Luke Walton laments that, as a former teammate with the Lakers Odom, and fertile Dayton is one of
nba mt points the few brothers Odom side. Odom’s life seems to be synonymous with tragedy. Joe Odom never played the role of qualified father, did not leave the rest of my life long heroin he abandoned the family, the mother Kathy alone will Odom bringing up. 12 years old, Casey because colorectal cancer and die, unwilling to accept the reality of Odom went to Lincoln Park pitched a night basket. Lost her parents, Odom had to be sent to the grandmother’s house, by the Mercer to take care of this poor child to grow up, but in 2003, on June 28, she also threw away Odom . More tragic is the only son Jayden Odom born in less than seven months when he unfortunately died, Odom holding his child cold body cried for three hours.

Outside the home, Odom also not well. Odom’s first college scholarship is canceled University survey was three times, and finally on the basketball court to find its own value, but by then the belly Clippers pick in the NBA Draft,
nba 2k16 mt for sale but also because taking Cannabis was the league suspended. Dr. William Pa Hanmu American expert psychological counseling and trauma counseling, and in 2006 when he was at Lakers coach Phil Jackson requirements for Odom psychotherapy. Pa Hanmu still clearly remember the first time I saw the way Odom: ‘He was nothing like as always with a smile on weekdays in television news, a person to stay home in Los Angeles, the eyes look completely lost, He looks very fragile. ‘Pa Hanmu as a hundred sports stars, business leaders, and performing artists have done psychological intervention, but he acknowledged that Odom is his rare’ failures.