Odom cardiopulmonary failure in critical condition

Jinghua Times News According to foreign media reports, the former Lakers player Lamar Odom cardiac, pulmonary, renal failure, dying. Tuesday, Odom was found in Nevada City, an entertainment box unconscious, unconscious. It is reported that in the process of waiting for an ambulance, hotel duty manager
2k 16 coins Odom’s body turned up to find his nose and mouth have transparent viscous liquid outflow. Then the ambulance arrived at the scene, the Odom to
2k16 mt points a local hospital, the doctor immediately for plug catheter, indicating that Odom has been difficult breathing on his own.

In order to get better treatment, followed by the relevant departments to enable the helicopter to Odom sent to Las Vegas better medical facilities and medical capacity hospital. According to media reports, the situation is not optimistic Odom, his heart, lungs, kidney failure. Currently, Odom’s wife Kohler Kardashian has been rushed to the hospital, accompanied by my side Odom. Yesterday, the Lakers’ preseason game against the Kings, the game also happens to be Las Vegas.

According to sources, the Flying Man after departure taxi directly rushed to the hospital to see old teammates. Odom, 35, is currently a free agent status, originally planned to go to Spain in the gold rush of the season. In August this year, when
nba mt buy an interview he had talked with Kohler Kardashian’s marriage broke completely ruined his life. As for the thousands of fans who are familiar with and like the NBA star players, regardless of whether he can survive the final crisis of this life, the messages are sufficiently shocking and regrettable. (Beijing Times reporter SUN Yong-jun)