Odds data confirm that the Warriors are getting weaker

Golden State Warriors continue east tour, away to challenge the Bulls. The devil race has just begun, Durant accidentally injured, which makes the Warriors champion title cast a layer of heavy shadow(click mynba 2k17 rp). Although the win odds, the Warriors are still ranked first, but from Friday trading war bulls Handicap point of view, the Warriors’ competitive strength is clearly reduced a grade.

After the All-Star Game, the NBA officially entered the sprint stage of the regular season. Win the popular Warriors, but has ushered in a wave of rare devil race: 13 days 8 war! Just in the brave honey for the players healthy kneading Khan, Durant is very unexpected knee injury, facing at least a month of rest observation. Durant can come back before the playoffs, this question is temporarily no one can answer.
Warriors this season set up four giants, so that the defending champion Knights feel pressure. But now the situation has changed: Durant return date is not fixed, the Warriors inside the short board is still obvious; and knight side by side of the transaction by Corvor, Deron, Bogut and other practical Titans reinforce. After this wave of arms race, the knight’s lineup has reached an astonishing thickness. Coupled with the strength of the East and West imbalance(click nba live mobile coins), the Cavaliers locked a final event tickets far beyond the Warriors. On the whole, the Warriors are currently winning odds 1 to lose 1.66 there is a lot of water, Knight 1 lost 4 ranked second was also significantly underestimated.

Warriors fighting the Bulls, from the current odds, you can find the strength of the Warriors decline clues. The two teams have just had a contest last month. At that time the Warriors home operations, let out 18.5 points Handicap, the final 31 points victory over the Bulls. This time away from home and away, in accordance with past experience, the Warriors can still be away on the road to allow about 9.5 points, but the Handicap is only 6.5 points, significantly lower than the normal level of warriors a file.

Unfortunately, the library recently feel cold, the last two three-pointers in 11 0,9 in 2, hit rate is only 10%. Durant after the absence of the Warriors need to change back to the last season, the MVP.