No news on my future

Gian Piero Gasperini celebrates the ‘great victory’ after Genoa-Sampdoria 3-0, but claims he has ‘no news about my future’.Having earned a surprising tenth place so far and with one Serie A game to go, the 58-year-old could well pick up a bigger team next season.Potentially, he may even be a candidate for La Nazionale, as Antonio Conte will move to Chelsea after Euro 2016, and all of the strongest Italian Coaches appear engaged.“It was a great victory,’Gasperini said after today’s game. “We were keen on it, because we wanted to improve our position and because we had a bad streak in the derby.“I’m happy for the fans, too, as they helped us very much. (gain fifa 16 coins) Our performance was excellent, just like it was against Roma.

“Now we must finish the championship on a high note, as we always kept a very strong pace, except in December.“In the second half of the season we managed 27 points and now we might even finish tenth. That was beyond our expectations.“When playing away, we lacked the right charisma. Many losses and a few draws. You need at least 10-12 wins in the championship in order to put your mind at ease.”The Grifone Coach then went on to discuss his future, as he was asked about possible links with other teams.“I have no news, I can neither confirm nor deny anything. I haven’t talked about it with [President Enrico] Preziosi. It’s a polemic that has been going on for too many weeks now and frankly I’m tired of it. We’ll see.”Finally, Gasperini touched on the topic of Suso, who was loaned to Genoa last January and had a remarkable impact on their season.“I can’t say whether the club will keep him, I don’t know that. But if it were down to me I’d keep him, and the same goes for Gabriel Silva and Cristian Ansaldi.“When players who lost their club’s faith and had a poor season come to us, they realise that we’re fully in their service to bring out the best in them.“My success and that of my staff lies in making players competitive again. There’s an ideal atmosphere here, a fan-base that always fills up the stadium, and the right environment to find yourself again