If you’re skating around the attack zone with the puck, you’ll see a cone going from your player toward the net that illustrates whether the shooting lane is open (blue) or blocked (red). Arrows pointing to teammates let you know who’s open for a pass, and help you aim passes more accurately.

When you’re locked to one player, as in the Be A Pro career mode, a green box outlines the area of the defensive zone you should be covering, while chevrons and circles highlight opponents to defend. In all cases, a box floating above your skater makes situation-appropriate suggestions about what to do. These prompts adapt to your play, so as you master basics such as passing and shooting, the trainer will throw out more advanced techniques like saucer passes and loose-puck dekes.

The system is a great way for novices to learn how to play
buy nfl coins, and it scales upward — I’ve been playing EA’s hockey games for two decades, and even I found the feature useful. It suggested moves I might not have thought to try in a particular situation, which expanded my toolset and improved my game.

In addition to the trainer, NHL 16 includes some subtle upgrades over
nhl 16 coins on the ice. Executing a tape-to-tape pass is more rewarding this year and more likely to lead to a scoring chance, thanks to improvements in the way skaters receive feeds. The cycle game is better in the offensive zone, where your CPU teammates will not only move the puck around intelligently but will also adapt to your movements as they adjust their positioning.

However, I saw goalies give up a few maddening soft goals, like the time I managed to score from near center ice by flipping the puck into the attack zone. Players have a weird tendency to lose control of the puck as they skate behind the net, almost as if their sticks are getting caught. And like most sports games with a physics engine, NHL 16 occasionally suffers from anomalous behavior, such as bodies wobbling strangely as they collide and slide past each other.

Aside from that rare physics weirdness,
hut 16 coins looks marvelous. EA Canada expanded on last year’s terrific visuals by bringing in more team-specific presentation elements, enlivening arenas with mascots, props, special effects and crowd clothing. Many teams’ goal songs are in the game, too, and it’s thrilling to have that extra dose of realism: chanting "hey, hey, hey!" along with the music when the Rangers score at Madison Square Garden.