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Some disadvantages in FIFA 16

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You will find matching network is the most terrible in FIFA 16. In FIFA 16, the player to decide a good team, through matching, the server will automatically select the team level and operation close to similar players for against, but in my tests, I always can’t find opponents even by modifying the settings.

Arena in football game itself texture quality and lighting effects are excellent, but the other hand, character modeling, little appears to some unexpected issue. When people converged at the stadium, you always have a sense of cartoon character shining into reality. In addition to the problem of the character model, you can note the reduction degree is very high like Messi, Ronaldo such star players, the, but for the unknown players, sometimes you almost can’t recognize, even you can from the face of some Asian players, it seems to have a Western origin.

Although there’re some disadvantages in FIFA 16, but we also can feel the efforts and attempts of EA made to be closer to a real football match. There’re also some useful new contents updated in FIFA 16 to provide FIFA Gamers a better game experiences . To help you play beautiful in FIFA 16 and build your dream FIFA 16 Ultimate Team , Gamers can buy high-level players from the transfer Market with fifa 16 coins. Now Cheapest FIFA 16 Coins are for sale on Utcoinsell.com. Gamers can purchase FIFA Coins for various platforms including FIFA 16 Xbox One coins , FIFA 16 Coins for PS4 , FIFA 16 Coins on Android .