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FIFA Ultimate Team has become the most popular game content

FIFA Ultimate Team has become the most popular game content. To some extent, it cited the traditional way of free games, players form their own squad by extracting the card pack, then to win the FIFA coins which is the currency in FIFA by playing the game and the coins are used to extract the card package which includes not only the players, but also the shirts, stadium, team logo as well as the renewal props and other items. On the one hand, the limit of ability in the players’ card and contract, on the other hand the desires to win a match tend to encourage the players. On the game's point of view, this is undoubtedly a successful marketing tool. You can target your game content based on your own consumption.

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The FIFA Ultimate Team draft mode is the new content. Gamers can enter FIFA Draft mode through 15000 FIFA Coins, 300 FIFA Points or a Token. In the FUT Draft mode, each location will be provided to five players for select. These players are usually the famous football stars. Although they have outstanding ability, gamers also need to consider their league, team and nationality as well as the final coach. The Chemistry of a team plays an extreme important role in the game. So the higher the Chemistry is, your team will have a better performance.

After your line-up is formed, then you can start a total of four matched, Better rewards you can get, if you win more matches.

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